One to Watch


One to Watch: Gala Knörr (United Kingdom)

Gala Knörr is an emerging artist from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. She earned her BFA in Fine...


One to Watch: Georg Oskar Giannakoudakis (Iceland)

Georg Oskar Giannakoudakis is an emerging artist living in Iceland. He...


One to Watch: Iliad Sabchi (Turkey)

Iliad Sabchi is an emerging artist who currently lives and works...


One to Watch: Benjamin Cook (United States)

Benjamin Cook is an emerging artist who is originally from Kentucky. He currently lives...


One to Watch: Pauline Zenk (France)

Pauline Zenk is a German-born artist who is currently living in Toulouse, France. Most...

Inside the Studio

Nigel Bird next to exhibit at exhibition in Ilminster, 2003

Inside the Studio: Nigel Bird (France)

Nigel Bird

What are the major themes you pursue in...


Inside the Studio: Ute Laum (Germany)

Ute Laum

What are the major themes you pursue in...


Inside the Studio: Anna Schueler (Germany)

Anna Schueler

What are the major themes you pursue in your work? My...

Alex-portrait of artist

Inside the Studio: Alexander Jowett (Canada)

Alexander Jowett

What are the major themes you...

Inside the Studio: Catherine Denvir (United Kingdom)

Catherine Denvir

What are the major...