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One to Watch: Agata Żychlińska (Poland)

Agata Żychlińska is a young emerging artist who is currently studying painting at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy...


One to Watch: Heather Goodwind (USA)

Heather Goodwind is an emerging artist who currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She graduated...


One to Watch: Jacob Broussard (United States)

Jacob Broussard is an emerging artist originally from Louisiana, USA. He is of French Cajun...

aimie with artwork

One to Watch: Aimie Herbert (United Kingdom)

Aimie Herbert is an emerging artist living and working in Brighton, UK. After receiving...


On the Rise: 25 Emerging Artists from Eastern Europe

"Simplicity of Contacts" by Robert Bubel

This week, Saatchi Art turns its...

Inside the Studio


Inside the Studio: Deborah Stevenson (United States)

Deborah Stevenson

What are the major...


Inside the Studio: Christoph Schrein (Germany)

Christoph Schrein

What are the major themes you...


Inside the Studio: Bridget Davies (United Kingdom)

Bridget Davies

What are the major themes you...

in studio

Inside the Studio: Lisa Carney (Canada)

Lisa Carney

What are the major themes you pursue in...


Inside the Studio: Carlos San Millan (Ecuador)

Carlos San Millan

What are the major themes you pursue...