One to Watch

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One to Watch: Joon-Hyung Lee

Joon-Hyung Lee  is an emerging artist based in Seoul, South Korea. He received his BFA in...


One to Watch: Joan Saló

Joan Saló is an emerging artist from Spain, who earned a...

Inside his studio

One to Watch: Matt Coombs

Matt Coombs is an emerging artist from New York, and currently lives and works...


One to Watch: Guang-Yu Zhang

Guang-Yu Zhang is a young emerging artist currently based in Shanghai, China. He first studied fine...


One to Watch: Isabelle Alford-Lago

Isabelle Alford-Lago is a graduate of the University of...

From The Studio Of


Inside the Studio: Kirsty Warman (New Zealand)

Kirsty Warman

Favorite material to work with? I use a mixture of Matisse...


Inside the Studio: Robert Gheyssens (France)

Robert Gheyssens

Favorite material to work with? In the beginning I used various types of...


Inside the Studio: Anne Gracia (France)

Anne Gracia

Favorite material to work with? I began working with pastels, then migrated to...

Mark Horst

Inside the Studio: Mark Horst (USA)

 Mark Horst

Favorite material to work with? The materials I use always bring me to...


Inside the Studio: Sonnia Guerra (Brazil)

Sonnia Guerra

Favorite material to work with? Acrylic and canvas. What themes do you pursue? Abstract.