Bruno Latour Wins Nam June Paik Art Center Prize 2010

The Nam June Paik Art Center Prize, an international yearly award, has announced its 2010 solo-recipient, Bruno Latour. To respect Nam June Paik’s philosophy and creativity, the international jury and Nam June Paik Art Center Advisory Council re-examine Paik’s theoretical dimensions that hold urgent recognition and support. Based on this idea, the Prize opened its doors to internationally renowned researchers, thinkers and organizers of Paik studies and the jury selected the recipient among 8 strong nominees from around the world.

The international jury panel the members were: Director of Le Consortium Xavier Douroux; Professor of Univ. Paris 1 Anne-Marie Duguet; Director of Kunsthalle Bremen Wulf Herzogenrath; former Director of Gwangju Biennale Wan-kyung Sung. The jury selected a person who will provide a new theoretical framework of Nam June Paik.

The winner of 2010 Nam June Paik Art Center Prize, Bruno Latour (b. 1947), professor of Science Po Paris and Vice President of Research for the same institution, has been honored for being the primary thinker who opened new ways of thinking with his theories bridging fields of philosophy, techno-science, scientific visualization, anthropology and politics. He is the author of numerous books dealing with scientific practice and political philosophy of nature, including We Have Never Been Modern, dealing with his theory of “Symmetric Anthropology,” “Politics of Nature” and “Reassembling the Social.” He co-curated two important exhibitions at ZKM, Karlsruhe, titled Iconoclash (2002) and Making Things Public (2005). These exhibitions are now regarded as a revolutionary way of linking art and science and they have resulted in the recent creation of a new program in ”political arts” in Sciences Po.

The Nam June Paik Art Center Prize was awarded on November 26th by the Governor of Gyeonggi Province at Nam June Paik Art Center. The Award ceremony comprises an exhibition composed of Paik’s major works specially supported by Shuya Abe, a Japanese technician who collaborated with Paik in creating Paik-Abe Video Synthesizer (1969).

Nam June Paik Art Center
85 Sanggal-dong, Giheung-gu,
Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Republic of Korea


  1. kerri says:

    I found this interesting ‘the links to Bruno and his work etc
    I actually loved it all
    This all excited me

  2. kerri says:

    I personally love science art and nature
    “biomimicry is amazing”
    “animals are amazing”
    “the way the world works is amazing”
    “the balance is amazing”
    “we have been extremely lucky”
    “yet I feel most of us( human species) have absolutely no appreciation
    Our short-sighted greed and lack of respect is about to get a serious slap in face as climate change almost certainly will wipe many of us away
    The saddest thing is we are taking nearly all other species with us
    We need great communicators,visionarys and leaders to stand up bring forth the changes needed asap

  3. Carolyn Burch says:

    Latour inspired most of my Sociology undergrad and Phd studies, turning my whole way of theorising about the injustices of science and medical practices upside down and my world along with it. For the better! I found his writings immensely liberating in exposing the main tenets of philosophy, science, politics and sociology as all a bit too serious and blinkered by their own grand theories and obsessions for pure wholes.

    Latour identified the space I had been struggling to find for so long, but could not find it because of my very own struggle to identify a fixed space. This was the space in between. The space most of inhabit most of the time yet do not dare give space to. I found liberty and peace in acknowledging the imperfect, the fusion, the process of becoming, the fluidity of ontology and most of all my cyborg son – a hybrid of human life kept alive by medical technology who in turn keeps the technology alive and together they form an impure balance of life.

    Congrats Bruno.


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