Frequently Asked Showdown Questions

Submissions to Showdown are ending tomorrow. In order to get your last minute submissions in, here is a checklist to expedite your upload process. We look forward to seeing your submissions and good luck!

1.       To upload a brand new image, please go to and make your artwork for sale.  To submit an existing work that is already for sale, please go to
2.       Your image has to be listed under Assemblage / Collage category, not Mix Media or any other category in order for it to show as one of the options on the Showdown page.
3.       The image size and quality will have to meet our minimum standard, if you are unsure about the standard please refer to this table:
4.       The art has to be marked for sale, either as a print or as an original. You will need to upload a government issued photo ID in order to become a selling artist. To upload an ID, click here
5.       Go to and click on the “Submit Artwork to Showdown” button to select the work you want to submit.
6.       You will not be able to edit your artwork or change the price after you submit the artwork to Showdown. Please make sure you double check your price, dimensions, and description before you hit the submit button.  You will also not be able to cancel and re-submit another piece of artwork.
7.       You will not be able to enter more than one piece of artwork or enter a piece that has been previously entered into a past Showdown.



  1. M. G. Stephens says:

    I do collages almost exclusively these days, but I have not been able to complete my submission as I’m travelling and not near a printer, so I can’t scan in my passport to complete the process. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Andrew Stys says:

      have you got a camera with you and access to a laptop with Photoshop? take a photograph and adjust/trim in PS.

  2. Gonçalo Castelo Branco says:

    How does each artist sees their own classification during the Showdown?

  3. Hi at Saatchi
    I’ve bee looking at a lot of the collage showdown entries and maybe im wrong but a lot of the entries/artworks dont look like collage’s to me.some look like straight paintings and others are definately photographs? would they be accepted as collage by the judges/jury.Im just curious.

    • john rula says:

      I agree!!! I have seen DOZENS or more of works that are Pure PAINTINGS!!, Whats with that ????and I cannot find the ” Vote Count” anywhere.Please keep it clean…peace..Rula

  4. A lot of people say they are having problems locating my collage entry and also having problems voting others said they voted but my vote numbers are still the same? Is the voting and match up system a bit too complicated.Others are saying they click on my link but they keep getting other peoples pictures?anybody know whats going wrong?

  5. Is there anybody at the Saatchi offices/corporation who could answer some basic questions for people?

    1.Is the number in the like box at the bottom of each picture the persons overall total score as we see it ?

    2. A lot of people are asking this question , why are there PHOTOGRAPHS and PAINTINGS in a collage contest.

    3. A suggestion for future art contests,Maybe a panel of people from Saatchi with art experience should choose the 300 best entries from the 1st round as it would’nt take a group of people too much time to decide.(I went through 500 in less than an hr.The present system means to be blunt the worst art entry could go through because that person got enough people/friends/family to vote for them or put another way the best artworks could be eliminated in the 1st rd because they did’tn have enough votes/friends/family etc.That would be a real contest.At the moment the 1st round is a free-for-all. Thanks GC

  6. Yes, it’s difficult- works appear to be paintings, & photos, versus collage, and hard to discern if the two “collage” winners are actually that.

  7. Dorothée says:

    Shodown collage : arnaque ! Sont séléctionnés les photos-montage print, les peintures ..Et les collages ? RIEN! .. Quelle déception. Scandaleux.

  8. Graham Swain says:

    If you enter SHOWDOWN and want to do ‘well’ you are strongly advised to be on Facebook or similar social network sites. I prefer not to be on social network sites and therefore I do not enter SHOWDOWN.

  9. Dave smith. says:

    With a name like showdown,it would be more interesting for artists to go in the ring and fight!

  10. Ilovepolarbears says:


  11. Ilovepolarbears says:


  12. It's all sooo seributt says:



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