Maie Yanni on ‘Collage: 100 Years On’ at The Gallery, Cairo

The year 2012 will mark one hundred years since Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso made their first collages and introduced this medium that had been practised for centuries before,into the realms of Fine Art.

In close association with each other, both artists pioneered the Cubist style; the first phase of which was analytical and the second synthetic.

In Synthetic Cubism the artist “synthesizes” an object out of a mix of abstract parts as seen in Picasso’s “Glass and Bottle of Suze”(1912) where he built a picture of a café  table and related objects by “collaging” together newspaper, wallpaper and scraps of black and blue paper. This iconic example of synthetic cubism was a milestone in establishing the significance of Collage as a fine art medium.

It also gave artists and designers alike a new-found freedom of expression, a medium where they could experiment , mix real and imagined , cut , deconstruct, glue and reconstruct  images that blurred and crossed the borders of actual and invented , past and present , factual and fantastical all reassembled within the same frame.

If up until then pictures made in that manner were attributed as “folksy” or “craftsy” then the advent of the twentieth century avant-garde artists would change all that and elevate it to a new artform.

Collage has permeated every artistic movement since then in one form or another from the Italian Futurists to the Dadaists, the Russian Constructivists through the Pop Era of the Sixties to this day of digitization and electronic “cut and paste”.

Although Collage has gained a lot of momentum and attracted a lot of attention worldwide over the course of the 20th century, it remains nevertheless underrated and unappreciated in the Middle East and Africa region .

This phenomenon is not only an indication of the public’s lack of knowledge and understanding of this medium but also because truly deserving collagists have carried on working conscienciously away from the artistic limelight and curatorial attention .

This region and its people have been scarred over generations by political strife and upheavals, bureaucratic inefficiency and corruption that spilled over into the Arts resulting not only in a fragmented artistic community where cronyism favoured those artists who paid allegiance to the incumbent regimes but also to the demise of all original artistic creativity and articulate artistic dialogue.


Mounir Canaan


The exhibition “Collage:100 Years On” showcases the work of eight artists ; Mounir Canaan (1919-1999), Hisham El-Zeiny, Hassaan Ali ,Mohamed Abou El Naga , Huda Lutfi ,Mutaz El-Emam , Hany Rashed and Maie Yanni , and hopes to show how far we have come as proficient collagists in this part of the world. These artists’ innate need to communicate their message has been the springboard to their creativity and through their artistic expression they have explored endless possibilities of pattern , colour , texture and composition in building collages  of sublime beauty and integrity.

In “MIGRATION”, Sudanese artist Hassaan Ali touches on the dislocation and fragmentation of people through wars , famine , drought or in search of a better and fairer life. As a printmaker and children’s books illustrator and narrator he integrates all these issues into his collages .

Hassaan Ali

Hany Rashed on the other hand has a lighter and more “tongue-in-cheek” approach in his mixed-media collages . He uses magazine images from various western publications and paints over the collaged papers communicating very astute criticism that illustrates the concept of “Occidentalism”; how the Levantines view the Western World and its “policies”.

Hany Rashed


In his work (“UNTITLED”) , Egyptian artist Mohamed Abou El Naga who studied papermaking in Japan , conveys the beauty of paper which he makes from first principles using rice straw ,  by incorporating it into his collages . Zen-like muted colours and Japanesque serenity permeate his layered works together with a deep respect for the impermanence of time and fragility of our existence.

Mohamed Abou El Naga


Huda Lutfi’s three-dimensional works touch on local and regional iconography from gender differences to football as a national sport that unifies the masses no matter what their socio-economic backgrounds all the way to her collages portraying the ambivalent presence of the police force on Egyptian streets .

Hisham El-Zeiny who is of mixed German and Egyptian heritage and an architect by profession creates canvas-on-canvas and mixed-media with sand  collages of exquisite beauty – ( “TILTED WHEELBARROW”).As a postgraduate student he worked with the late Hassan Fathi whose extensive research in vernacular architecture left a profound impression and a distinct cachet  on El-Zeiny’s work.


Hisham El Zeiny


Hisham El-Zeiny

Mutaz El-Emam  who is a Sudanese artist born in Kassala , a place of infinite beauty and colourful vegetation pays homage to Picasso through a beautiful dichromatic collage “reconstructing” Guernica on a salmon-pink and flowery background.

Lastly, in “SYMPHONY IN BLUE” , British-born Lebanese artist , Maie Yanni who works with the city’s recycled posters, postcards , flyers and discarded papers shows that so much beauty can be created from refuse and waste. Her work is a hybrid of personal and environmental experiences that draws on the vocabulary of pattern and geometric abstraction and is a metaphor that beauty can be  inherent in the ugliest things and saddest situations .

Ultimately , this show pays homage to the late Mounir Canaan (1919-1999 ) whose collage work and creative output has proved to be of  the most exquisite standard not only in the region but equally on a global international perspective .

If Collage by its nature is a process of layering and construction akin to the rebuilding of a nation from historical scraps , then in the light of the “Arab Spring” we hope it will mark a huge milestone and development in the 21st century history of Art of this region by ripping apart historical conventions and preconceptions and recombining their elements into something fresh and new .

This exhibition was at the newly opened art space, THE GALLERY- 6 Salah El-Din Street- Zamalek-Cairo and concluded on the 15th of January 2012.



About the author

Maie Yanni is a Medical Doctor, qualified from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and specialized in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and High-risk Obstetric Anaesthesia. In 2000 , she took a sabbatical from medical practice and has since been managing art ventures on a project-management basis. She is also an artist and has a special interest in Sudanese Art and Art Brut. She is based in Cairo.


  1. Maie Yanni says:

    My special thanks and acknowledgments go to :
    Artist Nazli Madkour , her daughter Art Consultant Sarah Salmawy , art collector May Grace , designer Rania Teymour and gallerist Noha Khoury ; this amazing and long-awaited show would not have come to fruition without your kind advice and encouragement , I thank you all for being the positive voice in my head !
    Maie Yanni

    • Nathalie Aoun says:

      I wish I Knew more about arts to give and share my comments, but I dont. However, I Know more about words, and I can tell you that you have a talent for writing and the way you do it is powerfull and convincing. Congratulations!

  2. The best group show I have seen for sometime!
    Well documented and each artists chosen reenforces the concept of the 
    show. A real pleasure! Your proficiency as a curator has matched your 
    writing skills!     Congratulations!

  3. Matti Sirvio says:

    Thank you, Maie for bringing up fresh water in a messy desert.
    My heart beats for the Egyptian people, quietly, still so unnoticeably.
    I wish I had seen the show.
    Let’s go on covering all failures, picture by picture, forgiving and


    • Maie Yanni says:

      Thank you Matti, I know you were with us in spirit !
      I look forward to seeing your inspiring creations in Cairo hopefully soon again.
      Until then thank you for your unremitting support ,

  4. Mona Amin says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and more so this exquisite article! Thank you Maie

  5. huda lutfi says:

    thank you maie for this essay on our work, which situates our works within the artistic movement of collage artists. so good to read a good article on what is happening in egypt.

  6. wafaa al assyl says:

    Thank you Maie ,as always you are doing great things.I wish i had seen the exhibition.Keep it on Maie ,i am waiting to see your biggest success very soon.

  7. Houda N. Abboud says:

    Dear Dr. Maie,
    Thank you and many many thanks for “Art educating” us!! Ce n’est jamais de trop! Tes explications claires et nettes sont un vrai cours!

  8. John Harris says:

    As you so astutely point out, art, like nations, can be rebuilt from historical scraps. Here’s hoping that Egypt’s rebirth will be led by those with the same artistic vision as you and the other artists on display.

  9. Very inspiring. Keeping us connected through art.

  10. Amin Saliba says:

    Thank you Dr. Wafaa for sending this. The article and the works that show, really provoke us not to loose hope; perhaps art can do something that every other thing failed.

  11. Geri Lee says:

    Maie, So sorry that Steven and I missed the exhibition. We were and are with you all in spirit through these muddy waters. A toast to celebrating emotional expression through art in this magical way and congrats to you for calm tenacity in the face of turbulence. hoping to return for the next one!!

  12. John Rula says:

    Maie is a wonderful and talented writer and Artist. Her words are deep and insightful ,I always look forward to her articles and her art works are stunning. I am lucky enough to own some of her work which I cherish. To be honest I find the other works in the show to lack the Intensity and Collage expression of Maie’s work and it is not because we are friends it is more about the Power that Collage has and it sings in her work to me . The other works are also very good in their own stylistic way and I can appreciate them all for what they are , wonderful show and excellent article from a very gifted ARTIST , thank-you MAIE …peace

    • John Rula says:

      Well I guess reading this at 4.a.m without my glasses was not so bright, anyway I am sorry for mistaking Mounir Canaan’s wonderful pc as Maie Yanni’s.
      Maie’s work is very close in style to the pc of Mounir Canaan’s so I got excited
      and jumped the gun ,well the pc is great and Maie’s work is also, trust me .
      Great writing and I do hope that Egypt can come together as a human ” Collage of strength ” and build a new and Beautiful Country, HAPPY SPRING…peace

  13. Laila says:

    As usual once you read an article by Maie you cannot stop untill the end. Thank you for the beautiful way you educate us and for the deep and profound insight.
    Wish I could have seen the exhibition. Your description of the pieces is tantalizing , making one wish to see everything in the flesh….Well done again and again

  14. Janet Jones says:

    A lovely and comprehensive article, providing a background to a splendid exhibition. It makes us appreciate the courage and determination of artists in Egypt to persevere, however difficult the circumstances.

  15. MK says:

    Great article, interesting to see where Egyptian artists are positioned on a larger scene. I hope you keep pushing barriers !

  16. Ghenwa Mehio says:

    Hi Maie,

    Amazing work! Bravo to you and all the artists!
    You must be so proud, in spite of everything that has happened in Egypt.


  17. mona serry says:

    The exhibition was more than great ,and it added a lot to art lovers in Egypt. keep on doing the great work wishing you all the best of luck .

  18. Shamin Mahabeer says:

    Dearest Maie
    You are a truly gifted individual, I have been privileged to know you since our years together at medical school. A compassionate doctor, talented artist, and an empowered female- you and your collegues are creating a more beautiful world for us all….

  19. Hisham El Zeiny says:

    Thanks Maie for everything, this is really cool-age!

  20. Geoff Haederle says:

    As ever, Maie, you illuminate us with your words, your art, and your patronage of other talents. I can’t tell you how sorry we were not to be able to attend the exhibition you put together and I hope to be able to visit in the near future and get some exposure even if not as complete as would otherwise had been.
    Our thoughts and love are with you , as with the nascent Egypt , post regime change. Let’s hope the worst of the birthing pains are behind them now.
    Love n sloppies to you and your Boyz
    Geoff, Pippa n Dom

  21. Freddie Jones says:

    Best show I’ve seen in a long time ! Thank You

  22. Alexander Tchernikoff says:

    Фантастическая статья!

  23. Hazim Al-Dalli says:

    What a great article! You are “da cat’s whiskers”, when it comes to art in our part of the world. Essential reading, will recommend it to all friends, be they artists, art lovers, and those artistically disadvantaged!

    Thank you for your efforts in promoting both art and enviromental awareness.

    Like Oliver Twist: “I want more!”

  24. Dear Maie,
    what a great article your as talented a writer as you are an artist , my Kids and I really appreciated and loved the show .I like how you wrote about collage by its nature is a process of layering and construction akin to the rebuilding of a nation from historical scraps , I think all the artists exemplified this in their work , and I myself love collage so I really enjoyed seeing your work and the other fabulous artists…thanks Maie..

  25. Carlos Zavaleta says:

    Hola Maie, gran artículo sobre un tema y un arte que no es muy popular y famoso en Egipto. Se llevó a través del arte y los artistas de una manera fresca y suave. Por favor, nos mantienen informados de todo este buen trabajo. Buena suerte. Saludos cordiales, Carlos.

  26. may grace says:

    God bless you maie for being you:everything you do is done with a big heart,sensitivity and lots of depth! your writing skills is just one of your beautiful and gracious talents.thank you for everything you give us.thank you for being you.

  27. Anis Abboud says:

    Enfin quelqu’un de la famille qui a tout compris, alors que le reste … Merci pour cette belle synthese.

  28. Ayat Sadoun says:

    Dearest Maie,

    Thank you for a wonderful article that keeps us all educated and keeps us aware of how important Art is to everybody in all wakes of life. Looking at the environmental effects as well makes it that extra bit more relavent to our lives especially when it touches a country that is rebuilding itself upon the relics of the old. There is hope still!!

  29. Najla Mandour says:

    Great Article. Thank you for keeping art alive in our dear country at these trying times. You have just exemplified how Egypt has always had to rebuild on the old. The country has many layers just like the collage that was exhibited. In Shaa Allah Egypt will rebuild and become stronger with the will of its people and their beautiful soals. They might be hidden but they are not gone.

  30. Dear Maie,
    Thank you for sharing this article with me, It is my pleasure getting to know you. You seem to be multi gifted, I would like to add how important it is to teach collage to our children, specially with the technology taking over this generation, and photo editing is becoming a tool that if you do not know you are considered illiterate.I believe when children are taught the beauty of mixing and exploring materials together, this widens their imagination scope and allows them to appreciate authentic collage artworks.

  31. Dear Maie, Thank you for having the guts to organize an exhibition that doesnt only aim at selling, but more importantly at educating. As you rightly pointed out, collage is an unknown territory in Egypt. And if it is known, it is not perceived to be at par with other conventional mediums. Loved your selection of artists and works. Keep up the great work!

  32. Chiara Pitzalis says:

    A very insightful piece of writing, i am proud to call you my aunt! keep writing these great articles

  33. Theodora says:

    Dear Maie
    Thank you for enlightening us; an impressive report on an ancient art in a very ancient country,coming to light under your tutelage,with your artistic expression in these troubled times, against all odds. From the land of milk and honey into the Royaume-Uni to the green pastures of Eire onto the Land of The Pharaohs, you are still astonishing us Maie.

  34. Alia says:

    Great article! Really enjoyed reading it!

  35. Mutaz Elemam says:

    thank you dr maie its realy great article :)

  36. Dearest Maie,

    As always you are great as both a writer and a curator! I loved the paintings ,I am a fan of collage myself. The paintings selected were vibrant and ! Your description of collage was very inspiring specially in relation to what Egypt is going through now !

    A great article ya Maie and thank you for promoting art in my country with such professionalism and dedication.

  37. noha khouri says:

    A very informative, insightful and particularly inspiring article!!
    Dear Maie, i would like so much to believe like you that ” by ripping apart historical conventions and preconceptions …. we could recombine their elements into something fresh and new . “!!!!
    thank you for your contribution in promoting Contemporary Egyptian Art and make us not only proud of the Egyptian art scene but also optimistic and hopeful for a better future !!

  38. Maie, I loved the show.It was inspiring and you have put it together so well. Reading your article brought it back to life for me once again. You have beautifully showcased an integral part of the contemporary egyptian art scene.

  39. John Rula says:

    Go Maie!!!! you rock!!……..!peace

  40. Sandra Wallace says:

    great to see that collage is finally getting the public attention it truly deserves !

  41. Andree Veres says:

    Félicitations, Maie, pour cette belle cause que tu défends et un grand bravo aux talentueux artistes dont tu présentes les oeuvres avec beaucoup de professionnalisme, de pédagogie et surtout la sensibilité de l’artiste que tu es toi-même.
    Avec mes meilleurs pensées pour ce pays si cher à mon coeur.

  42. Giada Caramelli says:

    “Collage” is a particular form of art. Unfortunately I couldn’t be in Cairo for the exhibition but thanks to you Maie it’s like I’ve been there!!! Great job Maie, and hope this can lead to peace and love.

  43. Samar Kanaan says:

    Wao Maie, Congratulations! It’s so refreshing to see you expressing your talents so well! I’m proud of you. Grosses bises. Samar d’Abu Dhabi.

  44. Marguerit Lewis says:

    Dearest Maie,

    What a fantastic achievement! Many congratulations. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and viewing the art work exhibited which I have shared with friends and family, including a few budding artists. I particularly like your ‘Symphony in Blue’, a beautifully evocative piece.

    Much love and Best wishes,


  45. Geraldine O'Hare says:

    You never cease to amaze me Maie both as a wordsmith and a talented artist.
    I would love to see Symphony in Blue,
    Love and fond wishes Ger xx

  46. amal courban hallak says:

    Hi Maei
    Congratulations and mille this an amazing job, everything you do is
    fantastic, from being a brillant doctor, a perfect mother and daughter to a caring
    freind, you are a perfectionist so i am not surprised of you being an artist and an a writer, well done and i hope things will calm down and turn to look at art
    and learn more about these beautiful things around them.
    Congratulations again and i am sure we will see more of your work and effort
    to show the world this great art.

  47. Nadine Hallak says:

    Bravo Maie! Wonderful exhibit and wonderful piece of writing! I have to admit I’m not familiar with collage on such a professional level so thank you for exposing me to something new. I also think it’s wonderful to support and promote Middle Eastern and African artists as much as possible. We have so much talent in our region and it’s so important to share that with the rest of the world. My personal favourites here are Hany Rashed and Hisham El-Zeiny from the above :-)

    Congrats once again!

  48. Yuri Thomas says:


    Your work is a great inspiration for me. Very creative and very thoughtful.

    I love your Symphony in Blue.

    Keep up the good work.


  49. Ann Stritch says:

    Well done Maie – as always you are a true champion.Artists are very lucky to have you in their corner.Sending love and prayers to all of you courageous people xx Anoushka

  50. Muireann Brennan says:

    Thanks Maie for making these works available to us who are so far away.

    I really agree with your insight on dissalution and reconstruction. Perhaps those who fear change would fear it less if they saw that things are not lost, just rearranged in a new way for a changing world, Muireann

  51. Nadine says:

    Great exhibition, amazing work for all artists…

  52. Ahmed says:

    Lovely article and wonderful show:) one of the best I’ve seen

  53. Dalia says:

    Wish I could have been there, heard it was wonderful, but the article helped and explained a lot… Great job MAIE

  54. Mans says:

    Very interesting, must see

  55. Mike Tersdale says:

    Another outstanding article by the maestro, Maie Yanni. As always, articulate and analytical

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Damien Hirst exhibiton in the Tate.

    • Maie Yanni says:

      Thanks Mike, not sure about “maestro” I am doing my bit as every other person who is totally passionate about art and those who create it for a better world. My striving efforts are but a drop in the ocean but in the light of our current geo-political climate every little bit counts !
      As for Damien , I am not sure he’d like me very much ; I am known for being disarmingly honest and not mincing my words and I would much prefer it if he left those animals in formalin in the Path labs where they belong and flexed his muscles and showed us some proper draughtsmanship and brushmanship instead !!!
      So Mike, are you an artist and what did you think of the Tate exhibition ?????

  56. rula says:

    Yes Maie I agree TOTALLY with you on Hirst….I read that Hirst has a way of getting these ” ENDANGERED SPECIES ” from fishermen in Florida who have a licence to catch a certain number of these ” PRICELESS ” creatures every year !!!!!!! that makes me ill to think that t his so-called Artist can ” KILL” these rare lifeforms and use them in an ” Art ” piece…
    Leave the Sharks in the Ocean and take something OUT of your BRAIN . …We can do Better then Dead Animals in formaldehyde and IMAGE something AMAZING instead…peace

  57. sonja says:

    what an exquisite flow of words, shining forth with a radiant presence, so evocative of different thoughts and feelings, and despite not having been there, it is as if immersed into the fullness of the experience.
    how lucky for me that our paths have crossed :-)

  58. Gail Coito says:

    Collage needs more and more publicity and efforts to give it the recognition it deserves. It is a terrific and diverse medium and there are thousands and thousands of fabulous artists that must be acknowledged. Collage in the Book Arts also deserves to be known. Thank you for this.

  59. Zainab Othman says:

    I have had the good fortune and pleasure of visiting this brilliant exhibition. It is with thanks to the efforts of Maie Yanni plus the eloquence and insight of her article here that bring to light and give better understanding of the ‘hidden’ Art in Egypt. The timing is also perfect, for what better way to represent the tapestry of our culture and the patchwork of different ideas than with Collage. The strength of the exhibited also came from the ‘collage’ of the different styles and ideas, as Maie writes, what better way to represent the Arab spring in Egypt, for only by accepting each other’s differences and ideas, can we learn to live in this new pluralist society where people are allowed to differ. A great feat, thank you

  60. Myrna Kurdi says:

    Beautiful Art form that leaves you dreaming. Thank you Maie for enlightening us again with your enchanting style. All the best to those great artists who show passion and devotion to their country through their amazing work. Miss u a lot.

  61. Sara Elkamel says:

    Congratulations on a series of truly inspiring exhibitions at The Gallery, starting with Collage: 100 Years On last November. In a time of great distress for the Egyptian people, days after the November clashes, I decided to check out the collage show to review fro Ahram Online. And with a special interest in collage, the hour I spent with the art provided me with a much-needed dose of inspiration. Extraordinary curation and a genuinely impressive body of work were manifested on the gallery walls. Introducing the often overlooked art form, Maie Yanni managed to present collage to art enthusiasts across Cairo in an elegant and engaging manner. Looking forward to more eye-opening, mood-altering exhibitions at The Gallery. Read my full review here:

  62. art clvb says:

    Lovely works, and a very interesting article. Many thanks to Maie Yanni for sharing this with us!

  63. Adam Hinawi says:

    Dr Maie.
    Congratulations for new gallery opening with great exhibition on collage, by multicultural artists. which left good impact on attendees, all are amazed by your first step, go ahead i,m sure you will be a great future in art field. , I hope i could participate in soon future exhibitions

    • Mashelle Zeolla says:

      Hi Adam and Male,
      Thank you for the lovely article and beautiful works….Adam, are you the Sudanese artist, by any chance? If so, a friend bought one of your works and has been trying to find you ever since. Is there a way to contact you? Male, if you can help me connect with Adam it would be greatly appreciated!
      Mashelle Zeolla

      • Mashelle Zeolla says:

        Oops! And I apologize for misspelling your name Maie. I needed my glasses!

        • Maie Yanni says:

          Hi Mashelle,
          Thank you for leaving a comment and what a small world indeed ,Adam is a dear friend and an artist whose work I admire greatly and have been collecting for a number of years. One way of contacting me would be through FB.
          Thanks again

  64. Dearest Maie,
    again I really do regret that living in Vienna I did not have a chance to see this exhibition your are describing so vividly. Based on your text and the photos of the collages I am sure I would have loved it.
    And I also miss a photo of one of your collages – that definitely has to do with your modesty. You are one of the rare persons who is so keen to give space to others in so many ways and not only to be in the center yourself.
    I wish you and all your endeavours the maximum of success
    and do hope that one day I can participate in another exiciting art exhibition you are involed it.
    All my love.

  65. Dr. Stephen Coogan says:

    Wonderful !

  66. Zeina Hosni says:

    What an excellent article, wish I could have attended the event.
    Beautifully written. Thank you Maie.

  67. Shahira Fahmy-Leemans says:

    Enjoyed reading your article and analysis, especially after having visited the Collage exhibition 3 times!!
    I enjoyed the collection.. very interesting art and artists!
    Maie, you made it even more enjoyable with your explanation and views!
    I also have to say that having the Lycee Francais school kids to visit, was such a great experience that allowed these young children witness such an amazing art and group of artists!!
    Thank you Maie..

    • Maie Yanni says:

      The pleasure was all mine, watching the excitement on the children’s faces made it all the more enjoyable compounded by the fact that they all wanted to go home and get their hands on scissors, glue and paper do some collage , totally rewarding and thank you Shahira for escorting them all the way over !!!

  68. NYB says:

    A wonderful collection of works that showcases the talent , proficiency and versatility of contemporary collagists now in the MENA region-
    More PLEASE !!!!

  69. Malak El Shazly says:

    An excellent article that contextualizes and brings to attention the origins of the medium. As a young collagist, it was so inspiring to see all different forms of collage displayed together in the gallery space. The exhibition was very well curated, in a way that smoothly takes the viewer through years of starting from Mounir Kanaan. It is one of a kind, for its perfect timing, choice of artists, and more importantly for the amount of exposure of the audience who may have not been aware of collage and its diverse forms. It was an enjoyable experience and an educational one as well. I hope to see more informative exhibitions of its kind. Well done Maie, great job and congratulations!

  70. REEM HASSAN says:

    Excellent choice for collage artists from Egypt and the Arab world .. They are sending the history of art for these types of art again, but they are thinking in critical awareness of their own Arab society and In a very contemporary way .. All due respect to the idea and ​​further success Dr. Maie

  71. Mona Abdel Hamid says:

    A true tribute to Egyptian art………and a revelation Maie Yanni! Maie I loved your collages which represented the soul of the exhibition that you curated so masterfully.

  72. May Jones says:

    Not only is your work sensatioanl but your writing is too. I have really enjoyed your article it is a breath of fresh air. Being a Collage Artist myself I know how difficult it is for visitors to understand and accept this medium. It was good to see all the different forms of collage in one place. I wish I could have been there to see it! Many Congratulations!

  73. HASSAAN ALI says:


  74. Lisa says:

    insightful reflections about collage, a medium so suited to the fractures and disruptions of the present day and of human experience throughout history. It’s not surprising to see it being embraced by artists when traditional crafts, particularly textiles, have long included traditions that rely on fragments pieced together to create a new whole. I am thinking of quilting and bojagi, traditional Korean wrapping cloths. Thanks for sharing this.

  75. Thank you for the kind words on Facebook, Ms. Yanni. Collage is certainly the primary focus of our work. We hope to have a wholly new body of work to exhibit in the coming year. We are also on Flickr, Tumblr and Facebook if you would like to connect at any of those sites.

  76. Mellion says:

    Beautiful collection of work and vibrant colours, specially Mounir Canaan’s work. Thank you for the post and sharing.


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