Sheyi Bankale Selects His Favorite Works on Saatchi Art

We’re thrilled to have curator and editor Sheyi Bankale curating an exclusive collection of art as part of our ongoing Guest Curator series. Discover his selection of works on Saatchi Art below.


Sheyi Bankale

Curator of Next Level Projects and Editor of Next Level magazine

Sheyi Bankale is the Curator of Next Level Projects and Editor of Next Level magazine. Next Level is one of Europe’s seminal art photography magazines with a dynamic mix of photography as contemporary art. The publication features a diverse range of the world’s most influential photo artists. It aims to bring awareness and debate to contemporary culture, showcasing and celebrating artists across various disciplines and alongside inspiring, provocative, and critical writing.

Sheyi’s wealth of experience is well received by his peers and he frequently acts as panelist, judge and nominator for The Art Foundation, Google Photography Prize, CONTACT Photography Festival BMW Prize, The Pix Pictet, and Next Level Awards. He is a leading expert on photography at major international portfolio reviews such as Houston Fotofest, and Les Rencontres D’Arles, and facilitates the acquisition of photo art works with international museums, art collectors, and private clients.

He is Visiting Professor of Photography at the University of Derby and has lectured on ‘Photography as Contemporary Art’ at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, University of Westminster, City University – London, and the University for the Creative Arts and Centre of Contemporary Art – Lagos. Sheyi Bankale is renowned for his curatorial work in recent years at Next Level Projects, as well as curating an extensive touring exhibition on contemporary photography, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, for the European City of Culture 2011, which is the largest exhibition of contemporary photographic art displayed in Finland.

See highlights from Sheyi Bankale’s Guest Curator collection below.


“Walk” by Hila Laiser Beja


“Untitled (Connecticut, New England)” by Edgar Martins

Aston End

“Aston End, England” by Ula Wiznerowicz


“Vatan” by Azadeh Falakshahi


  1. Isabel Peña says:

    I think Sheyi Bankale should see my work, the way I mix Photography with painting and installation. Thank you

    Isabel Peña

    • Till Leeser says:

      You are right Isabel,
      I think good photography is not only something with a funny element in it.
      Good photography is creativity expressed with the medium photography and not only to push the button when you see something funny.
      I like your work

  2. STEVEN PEERY says:

    Dear Mr. Bankale,

    The images you have chosen have a fascinating commonality that resonates like the bouncing nucleus of an atom, radiating the energy of contradiction and juxtaposition: The natural curves of the body vs. the long, unyielding hardness of the constructed; the cold lineaur certainty of white on white trees set aginst the imposition of delicacy & color confined to the width and length of a domestic object, like a butterfly captured in an ice palace. AND, then there is the grandeur of an estate’s ambiance, detailed and orchestrated, but set to the music of leaves intruding their tossled, uneven music of nature’s whimsy. Then there is the car, that mechanical symbol of a relentless grinding foward, brutal urge of the 20th/21st centure, a car suspended in a time warp created by nature as revenge for its fumes and mean steel edges – now it is nature’s plaything.

    I’m, as the British might say, ‘smashed’ by the layered implications of the works you selected. 10 kudos to your eye; 10 kudos to all the artists for seeing a different reality with power and poetry.

    I am a fine-art photographer and surrealist poet. Pleas feel free to be my guest and visit my website: BRAVURAPHOTOGRAPHY.SMUGMUG.COM. My images and my poetic thoughts await your presence – you are always welcom!!

    Beauty and possibility are everywhere – believe in their marvelous power and uphold its song with joy!!!!

    Very sincerely, Steven C. Peery in New Haven, Ct.

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  4. Great selection, you’ve got a good eye.

  5. swati says:

    so beautiful collection. I love it

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