Inside the Studio: Chase Langford (USA)

unnamedIMG_9270Chase Langford

Favorite material to work with?
I paint with oil because it is rich and stays alive on the canvas.  I also use a lot of metallics.

What themes do you pursue?
My work always has a geographic reference.  Each painting is informed by a place that I have been expressing, and its geography in some way.

IMG_6927 copy 2Chase working on a painting in his studio. 

How many years as an artist?
I popped out of the womb as an artist.  My first painting was on the wall by my crib.  I had to use the only material available to me.

Where is your studio?
It is a separate structure by my house.  I have a 30 second commute, which is especially nice in Los Angeles.


What was the best advice given to you as an artist?
The prominent LA artist Alexis Smith told me that being an artist is a lot of intense work… so true… and I love it.

Art school or self-taught?
I was trained as a cartographer, so I drew maps in studio in college. I’ve taken many art classes, but none of them in painting… that I have learned through thousands of hours in the studio.

Chase + PaintingsChase with his paintings.

Prefer to work with music or in silence?
I listen to music or NPR programs. Sometimes I paint in silence. I know a painter who watches movies while he paints, but I can’t imagine doing that.

Where can we find you outside the studio?
Swimming, hiking, on frequent trips to Palm Springs.

"Botswana 6" $7,140“Botswana 6” by Chase Langford

What’s around the corner from your place?
I’m at the top of the Santa Monica mountains, surrounded by a lot of open space.  Hawks, deer, coyotes, as well as many well known Hollywood actors’ homes are close by; I’ll resist name-dropping.

Day job? 
I paint 200% of my time. No day job.

"CW.103" ($900)“CW.103” by Chase Langford

If you couldn’t be an artist, what would you do?
There’s absolutely nothing I would love more than being an artist, but if I had to do something else: architect, urban planner, cartographer, advertising, or maybe videographer.

What do you collect?
Mid-century modern furniture and old atlases.

Favorite contemporary artist?
Willem de Kooning, Richard Diebenkorn – both were brilliant abstract painters.

"Del Mar 2" ($3,800)“Del Mar 2” by Chase Langford




  1. You might like Phillip Allen’s work…
    Do you draw onsite or indoor before you start a painting?
    I am an artist myself, my painting focusses on landscape- sea- abstraction and on fragmentation. and. I am just curious

  2. amazing works and a really nice interview!

  3. Great interview really enjoyed reading it, LOVE the scale of your large works, also love your T shirt LOOKISM awesome! Great work, great colours, great artist, all the best cheers from me*

  4. Irena says:

    Great work Chase and great interview, you deserve it!

  5. Lucie Nizka says:

    Hi Chase,
    I really love what you are doing. Movement, colour, varied and beautifully original too.
    I get the sense that you, like me, NEED to paint to exist. Beautiful!!
    Keep up the great work, keep impressing us,
    All the very best of luck for the future,

  6. Daniel Fast MD says:

    Chase’s work is so special to us. We have followed (and collected) his work for years now. He brings a special aliveness and intensity to each piece. The conversation never stops with his art present in our home.

  7. Chase, I love your brilliant artwork. This is a wonderful interview and i gained much from it. Your colors and movements in artworks are awesome and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing. All the best to you!!


  8. Jim Harris says:

    Unique, impressive work. Great shapes and colors.

  9. Wow, thanks everyone. Just now seeing this so sorry for the delay. hugs to all, Chase


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