Inside the Studio: Stanley Casselman (USA)

SC in studio_curateNYC

Stanley Casselman

Favorite material to work with?
Acrylic and a lot of gloss gel medium.


What themes do you pursue?
There are no specific themes to my work. Each painting is its own visual story that transcends explanation through language.  The process and the result is emotion and energy put forth in its rawest and purest form.

How many years as an artist?


Art school or self-taught?
Mana Fine Arts, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Prefer to work with music or in silence?
At times I work in silence and at others with Mozart; or at the other extreme, Eminem raging in the background.


Where can we find you outside of the studio?
Outside of the studio I’m hanging out with my daughter, Emmy.  She also loves to paint and I love nothing more than to be her assistant!

If you couldn’t be an artist, what would you do?
If I couldn’t paint, and had the means, I would collect and/or advise people on what to collect.


Favorite contemporary artist?
Anselm Kiefer.



What do you collect?
Recently I’ve been collecting work from a painter, Mia Brownell, and a sculptor, Jae Young Kim.



If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?
Only one painting- The Deep, by Jackson Pollock.



Is painting dead?
Is creativity dead?  There’s your answer.


“Whispering in Parallel, the ninth”

Favorite brush?
My 10 foot wide squeegee.


  1. Goody the words are back. LOVE YOUR WORK Stanley!

  2. Fedele says:

    Would be great to include a short video on all of these interviews.
    Great work Stanley

  3. Parscha Mirghawameddin says:

    I like your works very much.

  4. I very much appreciate your artwork

  5. Maie Yanni says:

    Very Gerhard Richter-like !
    Same technique also!
    Good work nevertheless, keep it up !

  6. Love “Whispering in Parallel, the ninth.” Very inspiring work and unique technique.
    All the very best,
    Brittany Edsall

  7. oliver nutz says:

    we are not dead.

    all the best for you!

  8. Susie Hall says:

    I love your work and am so envious of the space you have to work in!

    Thanks for sharing what you do.

    Best wishes,


  9. Everryone seems 2 b doing it but yours seem 2 me the best!!

  10. Ferid says:

    I love your work

  11. Renato says:

    He speaks of creativity as if he has it! Those pictures are only bad copies of Gerhard Richter style!

  12. bdanielbrown says:

    Renato –
    Why are there always negative comments when someone uses a squeegee instead of a brush and decrying a style that is similar to Richter.
    This is like comparing everyone that paints a portrait in a negative light as uncreative because Michelangelo or Rembrandt did that first.
    If you are going to be negative as least be logical.
    I enjoyed the paintings and the look inside the studio.

    • Bill Bodge says:

      Bad analogy. He is using the large squeegee in the exact same manner as Richter.
      The results are cool though. Then again, I think Richter should have stopped 20 years ago. His actions prove that painting is dead as a purely innovative pursuit.

  13. Hayat says:

    Nice technique!

  14. You’re work is phenomenal.

  15. Gabrielle Shannon says:

    Would be incredible to include some video – would add so much –
    please check out for an amazing new app that allows anyone to shoot fully templeted videos in a matter of minutes.

    You guys could do an artist template and they could say something about the process. it’s inexspensive and easy!!!

    • Great idea about videos, I have had some fun putting together time lapsed videos of the making of the painting… If anyone is interested they are on my website . Also it is a cool record for the people who now own some of these works as they can see the whole process unfold. Also I have found using You Tube is also great for making short videos of searching around the finished work as photos don’t show all the luscious texture and details, or the way the light catches on the paintings.

  16. isabel Zumtobel says:

    so good to have you found in here.
    Big changes……great work Stanley

  17. fantastic, love it!

  18. sorry, there is nothing phenomenal, only sad copies of G.Richter…

    I am always wondering more and more that some artist are so uninspired
    here at Saatchi…they can not be proud!

  19. bob jackson says:

    Unfortunately, this is exactly the same technique and results as Gerhard Richter. Even if you did it first or you think it is slightly different, it doesn’t matter. You will never get past a certain level with this style. If you want to remove this self-imposed ceiling, you will need to come up with a new style and technique. Sorry man. That’s the way it is.

  20. Great!! Love your works!

  21. Already………We are not dead.

  22. Geof Lowe says:

    This work may not be the greatest work and may not be as good as Richter. But painting is the most difficult thing to do – I think I would be quite pleased with myself if I had made them.

  23. Hi stanley,

    I love your work and the tchnique you use.
    Amazing color combinations too.
    Can it be that you also are inspired by the energy of your daughter?
    I wish you lots of joy in what you do!


  24. Teresa says:

    Love your color sence and style!

  25. Max says:

    Wow! I like big paints and great colours as yours and mine.

  26. Wonderful to see you taking what Gerhard Richter started in the 1980s and bringing it into the twenty-first century.

  27. Tim says:

    easy to do. Boring to look at…

  28. reza says:

    your hand is free
    like :)

  29. Marguerite Logie says:

    Hello relative,

    I am a Canadian, Casselman descendant, traced back to Germany 1610 !
    Thank you for sharing your work, it’s moving. Art is food for the soul.
    If you’re interested in your heritage feel free to contact me.


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