One to Watch: Emilie Lagarde


Emilie Lagarde is a French artist who explores themes of memory, palimpsest, and the connection between man and his natural environment. In works that are reminiscent of Henri Rousseau and Paul Gauguin, she places nude figures into dark and shadowy landscapes evocative of fairy tales and a primeval, mythic time before the rise of civilization. Her hauntingly beautiful artworks also examine the concept of reciprocity: she considers bodies as landscapes and places like people. Emilie studied art at the University Paul Valery Montpellier, and has had many shows in France; we believe she’s ripe for international discovery.

Emilie sitting amongst several of her artworks.


A closeup of one of Emilie’s artworks.


Emilie working on one of her artworks.

Check out Emilie Lagarde’s works for sale on Saatchi Art:
les immobiles
La vase en suspens


  1. se me antoja un gran contenido caribeño…éxitos. un abrazo.

  2. Beau et serieu le travail d’Emilie….. Une onde de myster et d’etrangété est refleté par son oeuvre a chaque moment….. je me permette d’associer l’Oeuvre d’Emilie à Edward Munch et surtout à sa qualité esentièlle la “Vue ” de son personnage, dans le “sens” de l’apparition, de sa silluette, de son détail , sans superflus inutiles….

  3. Wasim says:

    I really like your work. It is very original

  4. علیرضا says:


  5. Ron Wise says:

    Emilie is one of the most prolific, original artists I’ve seen in a long while. Her are is the stuff of dreams, at once Mysterious, thought provoking and disturbing. Wonderful!

  6. Ron Wise says:

    Emilie’s ART is the stuff of dreams…

  7. Erica Cavalli beArd says:

    Today’s cezane…

  8. michel lentz says:

    between late Hans von Marées and early Rouault.

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