One to Watch: Guang-Yu Zhang

GuangGuang-Yu Zhang is a young emerging artist currently based in Shanghai, China. He first studied fine arts at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, and later received his B.F.A. in 2012 from Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design, London, U.K.

Guang-Yu produces colorful paintings and photographs that are inspired by oriental themes and aesthetics, and contemporary Western art. His paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout the U.K. and China, and in 2013 he was a finalist in the ArtGemini Prize exhibition at London’s Rebecca Hossack Gallery. Guang-Yu is an exciting artist to consider collecting, as many buyers throughout Europe and the United States are now collecting his limited edition prints and paintings.

working in the print studio1
Guang working in a print studio.
 working in the print studio2
Guang continuing to work in a print studio.


 Check out Guang-Yu Zhang’s work for sale on Saatchi Art:

Secret Jungle IV“Secret Jungle IV”


Oriental Memory Y“Oriental Memory Y”


Oriental Memory III“Oriental Memory III”


Green Squares“Green Squares”


Paradise Limited“Paradise”



  1. I want to jump into your worlds, they are fantastic, regards Kate *

  2. Vika Gankina says:

    Amazing artworks!!!

  3. Max Gioviale says:


  4. Mick says:

    Absolutely stunning work, I love the combination of the traditional and the contemporary. Very inspirational.

  5. Lovely work and colors! Congratulations on your feature article!

  6. Bill Rhodes says:

    Breathtaking colors with super forms all held together with a tight design. You really have some great talent. Wish all the best to you, hope we see more in 2014.

  7. Max Gioviale says:


  8. Kaemmerer says:

    Your work is really fantastic, in the litteral sense of the word. Love it! I would also say : “high tech on emotion”.

  9. RODNEY LOVE says:

    Very very beautiful work….wonderful use of colour and image. Well done.

  10. Hi Guang, really fascinating your artwork!

  11. Chinese work of art says:

    Hi Guang Yu, Amazing artworks!!!

  12. Chinese work of art says:

    你好Guang Yu!很高兴发现你也是中国人。最近一周我刚完善这个售画页面,感觉很辛苦,因为英文实在不好!这里我想要资询下你,关于这个宣传页是怎么填充和发表的?我已找了三天也不如该如何下手,感觉很郁闷。我和我的朋友画的都是中国画,我是以山水和人物画为主。如果你觉得不影响你,你可以告诉我怎么样宣传自己吗?包括可以多张帖一些自己的工作照片,最终在每周展示这个框架中能展示出来!明天我将回家乡九寨沟藏区那里几天,稍后我会检查的。恭候你的消息,谢谢!

    • Guang Yu says:

      你好,这个页面并不是艺术家自己做的,而是Saatchi Art的策展人团队为他们挑选的艺术家们在这个平台的在线杂志上每周定期发表, 并推广的专题。


  13. Bashkim says:

    Very beautiful ! Bravo!

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  15. claire says:

    I’m so excited to have just purchased Paradise, Guang-Yu Zhang. Beautiful.


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