One to Watch: Joon-Hyung Lee

Artist imageJoon-Hyung Lee  is an emerging artist based in Seoul, South Korea. He received his BFA in 2002 from Seoul National University, and later his MA in 2006 from the University of the Arts, London. His central focus is to explore the human figure, paying particular attention to the face and its multitude of expressions.

Through the use of loose brushstrokes and bright, vivid colors, he depicts the human face in extreme emotional states. Influenced by Francis Bacon’s treatment of the human subject, Joon-Hyung has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows in Seoul and London. In 2013 he was shortlisted for the Joongang Fine Arts Prize, and in 2012 he was selected for the emerging artist program by the Seoul Museum of Art.

A glimpse into Joon-Hyung’s studio.
A close up of  some of the artworks in his studio.
Some of Joon-Hyung’s artworks hanging in a solo exhibition.
Artwork on exhibit.
More artwork on exhibit.


 Check out Joon-Hyung Lee’s work for sale on Saatchi Art:

Untitled (1)“Untitled”


Untitled (2)“Untitled”


Untitled (3)“Untitled”


Untitled (4)“Untitled”


Untitled (5)“Untitled”



  1. Hi Joog-Hyung, your work along with the rest of the contemporary art scene from South Korea ( thanks to Saatchi art I have discovered) is FANTASTIC! I was stuck years ago for many hours between flights at Seoul airport, I wish I had known about the art scene then. I would have stayed to see the galleries, or stayed in Seoul full stop, it seems like a very distinct, unique awesome art scene you are part of. I am a bit jealous stuck at the bottom of the world. But I am very glad to be able to see your work here. All the best Kate*

  2. OIN says:

    와 ! 멋지다 형 ㅋ 형 작품 난 진짜 오랜만에 본다

    실제루 가서 봐야겠다 :)

  3. Kwon says:

    What a fantastic MASTERPIECE !

    I love it .

  4. Kwon says:

    What a fantastic MASTERPIECE !

    I love it ~!

  5. Yasmine says:

    I’d love to visit your work studio one day!

    You are so talented with deep thoughts with each stroke you make… amazing!

    Please keep on making more amazing creation!!



  6. maya says:

    beautiful work

  7. Marcelo says:

    Me gusta mucho cómo logra extremar los colores, y empastar la tela, para dar a conocer el alma del rostro. Excelente. Awesome!

  8. Really love your falling figures/ divers. Very nice. K

  9. Mick says:

    I love that your work is disturbing and beautiful at the same time.

  10. Absolutely marvelous work !

  11. re says:

    why are you doing this

    and how

  12. scallywag says:

    Which raises the question why and what is it about the expressionistic abstract style of this flamboyant painter that has so many beguiled?

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