One to Watch: Kelly Puissegur

studio 1

Kelly Puissegur is a Los Angeles-based artist that is inspired by the humor found in movies, music, the everyday, and animals—especially her two dogs. Her work often embodies a childlike and playful quality, as she attempts to visually balance images that are at once both teasing and raw.

In 2003, Kelly received her BS in Art from Southeastern Louisiana University, and in 2007 her MFA in Art and Design from Louisiana State University. She has exhibited in the United States and United Kingdom, including the 2011 Affordable Art Fair, UK; Cornwall Contemporary Gallery, UK; and H03 Gallery, Los Angeles. We love Kelly’s work so much that we have one of her artworks hanging in our office!

 pics on walls
Some of Kelly’s artworks hanging in her studio.
gallery photo
Kelly’s artwork on exhibition.

Check out Kelly Puissegur’s works for sale on Saatchi Art:

A fight broke out

“A Fight Broke Out”

My weeds are coming in nicely

“My Weeds are Coming in Nicely”

Sunday Afternoon

“Sunday Afternoon”




  1. Ieva Baklane says:

    Very beautiful and happy!:)Congratulations!

  2. Violet says:

    Great and funny works. I especially love the colour schemes.

  3. Daniel Genove says:

    OK work in a primitive, decorative sense but why is it that in today’s art world when most artists choose to incorporate words in their work, they scrawl them like a first grader (nothing against first graders)?

  4. Not gripped immediately, but once I took the time to open in a bigger screen, take in the nuances, color, oddly humble and familiar expressions…WOW.

    Great work.

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