One to Watch: Matt Coombs

Inside his studio

Matt Coombs is an emerging artist from New York, and currently lives and works in Sarasota, Florida. He has a BFA from the Ringling College of Art and Design, and participated in the New York Studio Residency Program in 2012.

He works primarily with painting and collage, creating abstract works that are influenced by Dadaism, popular media, and the history of painting. Through his practice, he seeks to explore the limits of visual clarity, and the concept of echolalia—the involuntary repetition of vocalizations made by another person.

He has exhibited his work both in solo and group exhibitions in New York and Florida in shows at Two Columns Gallery, Florida, Clothesline Gallery, Florida, and Chashama Gallery, New York.

 Working on painting
Matt working on a painting inside his studio.
Exhibition Some of Matt’s work on exhibition.

Check out Matt Coombs’s works for sale on Saatchi Art:

Freedom of Info 1“Freedom of Information #1” 




Graphite Drawing“SRSc17” 

Freedom of Info 4“Freedom of Information” 


  1. Vika Gankina says:

    Very bright und interesting paintings!

  2. Jane Kirschner says:

    I’m so glad to have met you, when you were still a student at RCAD, and I still love your artwork from THAT time in your life. Hope you will continue to produce ALL kinds of genres as you grow. Best wishes from a fan !

  3. They feel full of life and exciting, thank you as I am a student and still growing as an artist.

  4. Congratulations on your feature! I like your very interesting work.
    Best Wishes!

  5. It’s good to see someone coming up with something ‘unique’ every once in a while. Keep exploring!


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