One to Watch: Ryan Coleman


Fascinated with abstraction, Ryan Coleman artfully combines elements of cartoons, nature, design, graffiti, and art history in his paintings. He uses line, shape, and color in order to convey an underlying narrative and hints of imagery. His paintings possess a sense of dynamic movement in part due to his thick, gestural brushstrokes and vibrant color palette.

Ryan grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and graduated with a BFA in painting from the Atlanta College of Art in 2001. He lived in Brooklyn, NY for eight years, where he worked as a full-time assistant to the artist Jeff Koons. He returned to Atlanta in March 2011, and the following month the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hot Springs, Arkansas, hosted his first solo museum exhibition.

RyanColeman_studio_5_2014Artist’s materials. 

RyanColeman_studio_3_2014Several artworks hanging in Ryan’s studio.  

RyanColeman_studio_48x48_2014A look at a painting in progress. 

RyanColeman_studio_4_2014Artist materials. 

RyanColeman_paintingframed_BorderlineGallery_2013A painting framed and hanging in Ryan’s studio. 

RyanColeman_studio_2_2014More works hanging in Ryan’s studio. 

RyanColeman_Mural_BorderlineGallery_2013Completed mural at Borderline Gallery, Atlanta, GA – July 2013 


  1. Jim Harris says:

    Untitled Yellow is my favorite.

  2. joe says:

    Luscious, juicy and lyrical…very nice work!

  3. michel lentz says:

    yes, juicy … love it


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