One to Watch: Zhongwen Yu


Zhongwen Yu  (b. 1984) is one of China’s most exciting emerging artists. Based in Beijing, and a graduate of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, he has exhibited extensively throughout China, most recently in a solo show at the All Art Gallery, Beijing. In 2011 he was chosen to participate in the group show “Next 10 Years of Contemporary Art” at the Today Art Museum, Beijing. Zhongwen Yu works in a realist tradition, and explores themes of nostalgia and memory. With each paint stroke, he tries to capture the fleeting joys and memories of youth, and the intangible sensation of trying to recall a memory that has been lost to the passage of time.

A glimpse inside Zhongwen’s studio, with unfinished works hanging on the wall.
Another look at his studio.
By painting on a bottle, he hopes to combine art with the everyday.
Sometimes Zhongwen’s cat likes to help out!
Several of his artworks on exhibition at the Tree Art Museum in 2014. Tree art Museum is a non-profit art organization that is located in the center of Songzhuang art district, just north of Beijing.
More artwork at the Tree Art Museum.
Since Beijing’s air pollution is so serious,  Zhongwen often invites his artist friends over to play table tennis in his studio. Even the cat likes to join in on the fun!


Check out Zhongwen Yu’s works for sale on Saatchi Art:






when i pass...



  1. Amazing imaginative work, does your cat play ping pong? I have an image of the cat batting the little ball around the table, that would be a funny game to play with a cat, Cheers kate*

    • zhongwen says:

      Thank you for like my works !! Ido have a cat can play pingpang!just one ,others can not understand what we are playing.

  2. olga gal says:

    I love these works, great find!!! Congratulations :)

  3. “Datura” is exquisite.

  4. “I thought I could live in your world.” Fabulous story in the image. And Oh the light on those bedsheets 😉

  5. “Datura” & the “aftertaste to guess the possibilities” I really like.
    Also the glass painting, which also looks like frosted glass.
    Congratulations! for your feature and great work.


  6. Fedele says:

    Great art, very special work

  7. Maryam iravani says:

    Hi Dear sir
    That,s so great and very exciting painting for me.
    I,m profetional an artist paiter in tradition,s post modern with mixed media.
    I have searched about artist painter in tradition for many year and now find you and very happy about this .
    I decide to will work with an artist painter in another countries and i,m so happy that find you and i hope you guied me and help me about this.
    Thank so much
    Best wish

    • zhongwen says:

      Hi Maryam,

      Thanks for seeing my works.
      Tell me about your details about your mind.


  8. Zhongwen Yu i love your art work!

  9. Bill Bodge says:

    I’m usually attracted to abstract work, but your work is so good it demands attention.


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