Congratulations to our Four Showdown SCOPE New York Winners: Nicole Roumelioti, Alessio Ortu, Alvis Zemzaris, Julian Vadas

The voting period for Showdown SCOPE New York is over and we now have four winners to congratulate. We had 5,120 entries – Showdown’s largest turn-out to date. The four winners will both exhibited and for sale at the Saatchi Booth at the SCOPE Art Show New York (plus be awarded with US$500 each).

AFTERMATH by Alessio Ortu

Alessio Ortu

Temtation by Nicole Roumelioti

Nicole Roumelioti

Bija by Julian Vadas

Julian Vadas

London by Alvis Zemzaris

Alvis Zemzaris

Voting is still ongoing in our New Gallery Showdown tournament. Stay tuned for your chance to participate in the next Showdown!


  1. Teresita Cruz says:

    Nicole, your art is amazing!!! I am also a portrait painter (in black and red) and I have really enjoy all of your art. Congratulations!

  2. Badar Jahan says:

    Congratulations to all the four winners!

    take a look at my work if you like Please vote for me.


  3. Four wonderful winners, congratulations all of you, well deserved!

  4. Milan Nenezic says:

    I don’t understand how such stupid works could win!?

    • Project M says:

      The use of the word “stupid” is a weak comment. Explain why you think they are “stupid”. The works that won are not my “cup of tea”. Being an artist is not all about being “technical”.

    • Alexandros Strolleri-Mikras says:

      How this girl win (Nicole Roumelioti)
      Just see the event in facebook…and translate the text in english

      u see now how she wins…xaxa xa..first make an account in saatchi..become a member and then vote for your simple…

      Thanx great artist!!! I will do it next time.

  5. monica says:

    Questa galleria online è una gran cosa , come mai però vincono sempre lavori così banali e privi di spessore ??
    Ci sono tanti bravi e Veri artisti iscritti , Sig.Saatchi metta il giudizio degli SHOWDOWN in mano a degli esperti così da eliminare gli incompetenti e tutti coloro che “elemosinano” voti.
    Mantenga alto lo spessore di questa bella iniziativa !!
    Lavori privi di comunicativa , scontati , deludenti.

  6. All art is respectable, but nonetheless it is a shame that mediocrity is always a winner, there are very good artists on Saatchi.

  7. Giovanni Siano says:

    These showdowns as they are do not work at all! By all means I don’t want to “burn” all of the goodwill and intentions that the Saatchionline organization has put on this task in trying to be democratic and giving chances to everyone but results are far too disappointing.
    – Works should be divided into categories first of all.
    – No vote canvassing should be allowed.
    – A minimum number of consistant works should be posted in the profile by each artist in order to be allowed to join a showdown.
    Come on…here we are talking about placing a piece of art next to a Damien Hirst’s work..let’s be serious!

  8. Leslie Pearl says:

    Amazing winners, my favorite piece Ortu’s. Will do great in NYC. And for you that spit poison about the winners :smells like a lot of jealousy. Thanks to Saatchionline for showing these exciting new artists, fresh thinking all around. Congratulations to all four of you!

  9. monica says:

    Volevo precisare che io non sono in concorso in quanto non sono pittrice, addetta al settore ma non ho nessun interesse.
    La gelosia non ha niente a che fare con il mio giudizio.

  10. James Corsair says:

    followed the rounds since day 1, very happy with the winners, well chosen, and why argue? If they won is because people voted for them, and if started with more than 5000 entries, they deserved to be the winners, and the winners they are, period (get over it). London is a masterpiece together with Aftermath, but like a lot and would buy the other 2 for my personal collection too. Probably will see your works personally on Scope New York. Would like to congratulate each of you with an admiring hand shake! Salute from LA

  11. Congratulations to all four of you!

  12. Alexandros Strolleri-Mikras says:
    and another event by this artist Nicole Roumelioti


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