Preparing your Back to Nature Showdown Submission


Back to Nature Showdown- Submit your Entry by August 6th at 11:59 am pst

We’re excited to announce our new Showdown competition and look forward to your participation. (Click here to read more about the theme, Back to Nature). In order to make sure your submission stands out, please be sure to keep the following in mind:

Complete Your Personal Profile
We want to know about you and so do collectors, Showdown judges, journalists, and curators. We strongly encourage you to complete your profile. Not only will it help with Showdown, but we know that complete profiles lead to sales as well.

  • Artist Statement: An artist statement can be anything as long as you think it helps people to understand how you make your work. It can describe what you are thinking, why you make art, the process you use, or  your inspiration. Ask yourself: who, what,where, when, why, and how.
  • Bio: Tell us about yourself.  Are you self taught or did you attend university? Have you exhibited your work or are you just starting out? Can your work be found in any collections? Have you won any awards?

Making sure your art can be viewed accurately is one of the most important elements of Showdown (and of selling your work online). Lighting, cropping, and presentation are essential.

  • Upload HIGH QUALITY images; do not overly compress files
  • Make sure the BACKGROUND ISN’T SHOWING when you crop your images
  • Make sure there aren’t any HOT SPOTS in the lighting

For more information on how to photograph your work check out our artist resource page here:

Thank you for sharing your talent and enthusiasm with the Saatchi Online community. We look forward to seeing your work! Again, submissions will be accepted until August 6th at 11:59 am Pacific Standard Time.

POSTSCRIPT Regarding Government-Issued Identification

In order to prevent fraud and protect our customers, we must receive a copy of a government-issued identification that includes your photo and full name (i.e. passport or drivers license) before your artwork will be listed for sale. You may black out the identification number if you like.

There are two ways to upload a copy of your identification:

  1. Upload it as part of the Upload/Sell process, or
  2. Go to Account > Address and Identification and upload it within the “Government Issued Identification” section of that page.

– The Saatchi Online Team



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    Ho do I / people get directly to my picture/submission to vote?

  2. Juan Carlos Estrela says:

    I can see the progression online votes on the showdown art works?


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