Finalist Interviews for Showdown SCOPE NEW YORK

Our last Saatchi Online SHOWDOWN, an online tournament for artist’s, had a record 5,120 entries. We interviewed the top four finalists who told us about themselves, their experiences and their art.

Temptation by Nicole Roumelioti

Nicole Roumelioti

Please provide us with your current bio:

NR: I was born in Athens in 1987, and was brought up in an artistic environment as both my parents are artists. A small period of my childhood was spent in France.

Tell us what inspired this piece you submitted for SHOWDOWN?

NR: This work is the struggle of sensuality with the momentary, or longer prohibition by man.

What kind of training did you receive? Are you self-taught or did you go to art school?

NR: I have graduated in 2005, from I.M Panagiotopoulos International Baccalaureate Organisation. Then I studied in Middlesex University in collaboration with Athenian Artistic and Technological Group (AKTO) and I graduated in 2009.

Who is your favorite artist?

NR: My favorite artist is Salvador Dali, this is why I went to Spain especially to see his work.

AFTERMATH by Alessio Ortu

Alessio Ortu

Please tell us about yourself:

AO: I was born in Cagliari, Italy, 1980. At the age of 20 I started travelling, going on to live and work in Dusseldorf, Rome, London, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo, where I am currently based. Travelling inspires me and stimulates me, I couldn’t do without, I need to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, explore new locations, and learn new languages.

Tell us what inspired this piece you submitted for SHOWDOWN?

AO: I was on holiday last year in a stunningly beautiful place in the South of Brazil, it was a last minute decision and we weren’t very lucky weather-wise. One rainy day, I decided I couldn’t stay in the apartment one minute more, I went out with my camera and the 300 mm lense. I went walking through a small jungle up a hill, in order to reach a huge rock hanging over a cliff. Really risking my life. I waited for the rain to diminish a little then I took the camera out and started shooting. It was a film camera so I had only about 36 shots, because there was no condition whatsoever to change the negative in the rain. This is shot number 33 of that sequence.

What kind of training did you receive? Are you self-taught or did you go to art school?

AO: I am fully self taught. I learned by trial and error. I learned by studying the works of photographers, painters, filmmakers, cinematographers, philosophers, writers. Still studying and learning every day. I think it is a process that should never end.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

AO: Study, be humble, but believe in your potential.

Please tell us about your recent and upcoming exhibitions.

AO: I am preparing an exhibition for next Summer in Sao Paulo. (It will actually be Winter in Brazil.)

London by Alvis Zemzaris

Alvis Zemzaris

Tell us what inspired this piece you submitted for SHOWDOWN?

AZ: London itself has captured my heart by its beauty and confidence.

What would you call your style?

AZ: I hope that my style is something original because that is the only way I can create. That is the only thing that makes me tick.

What kind of training did you receive? Are you self-taught or did you go to art school?

AZ: I was practically born at Academy of Arts (in a well known Latvian artist family). Therefore my tutoring started at a very early age. All the following schools were just a part of self evident course of events.

Who is your favorite artist?

AZ: Toulouse Lautrec. I am also fond of the DaDa movement.

Please tell us about your recent and upcoming exhibitions.

AZ: The best place to find out, what I’m doing with my paintings when they are finished, is my website

Bija by Julian Vadas

Julian Vadas

Tell us what inspired this piece you submitted for SHOWDOWN?

JV: In Sanskrit, the word “Bija” (literally “Seed”) is used to describe a beginning or origin. This painting is a primordial one. It is volatile and turbulent but still manages to maintain a transcendent calm. In this way I have shaped it to reflect genesis or origination. The universe, on both the macro- and the micro-scale, manifests in volatility and intense transformation even as it remains calm and harmonious, in alignment with a cosmic organization. The colors and composition of this piece are directly influenced from a midnight climb to the top of active Volcan de Pacaya in Central Guatemala for spectacular close-up encounters with molten magma emerging from Earth.

What would you call your style?

JV: This painting, “Bija” and the body of work I am working on currently, I like to refer to as Omniscapes. An Omniscape is related to a landscape in that it articulates an expanse of environment. Omniscapes, however, include more, they suggest the vast interplay of innumerable phenomena which the mind is capable to touch. Time as past, present, and future; consciousness both individual and collective, dynamic astronomical forces and subtle nano-particle vibrations, causality, spiritual energy, thought and perception, imagination and evolution… our environment is a complex aggregation of myriad, unfathomable interactions. My work pays homage to the grandiosity of This Moment, the spectacular Now. You can find more information and descriptions at

Tell us about a typical day for you.

JV: I fill my early mornings with yoga and tea. I keep a fairly slow pace through the day. My painting happens at different times of day on different days, but usually within a substantial timeframe of several hours on end in the middle of the day or late afternoon. I spend a lot of time walking between home and my studio and I take my time cooking wholesome meals using fresh, real food. I try a maintain a mindfulness through my days of the privilege it is to live in the peaceful and easygoing corner of the world that I live in, and to appreciate the people around me and the opportunity for creative application in every day.

The four winning works will be exhibited and are for sale at the Saatchi Booth at the SCOPE Art Show New York from March 2 – 6, 2011 (and awarded with US$500 each). For more information on Saatchi Online’s presence at SCOPE New York, please visit SAATCHI ONLINE AT SCOPE NEW YORK.


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