Shezad Dawood wins the Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2011

Shezad Dawood is one of the winners of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2011, the major art prize for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

Dawood’s New Dream Machine Project, for which he won the award, traces an epic series of connections: the iconic device invented by Brion Gysin, the cult poet and sound artist and collaborator with William Burroughs in the 1960s; the Master Musicians of Joujouka, who collaborated with former Rolling Stone Brian Jones, on a seminal 1960s recording; and a revisiting of Gysin’s connections to Morocco, via a collaborative concert between Richard Horowitz (who was both a friend of Gysin’s and famously scored Bernardo Bertolucci’s film The Sheltering Sky, based on Paul Bowles’ novel), and contemporary Moroccan hip hop producer DJ Van. The ‘Dream Machine’, a meditative rotating device originally conceived by Brion Gysin, in Dawood’s twenty-first century version, becomes a monument to the social and artistic dialogue fostered across the MENASA region, and a catalyst for a series of collaborations with musicians, curators, artisans and film-makers, with multiple outputs ranging between sculpture, documentary film, and live music.

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  1. Acaso un gitano?. Difícil determinar si es una foto o una pintura. Es que la cara tiene aspecto de máscara. Muy perfilado el rostro del lado derecho le da este aspecto lo que hace pensar en una pintura…o tal vez sea una fotografía. EXCELENTE RESULTADO DE AMBAS!.


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