Surreal Showdown


Inspired by LACMA’s recent survey of  female surrealist artists “In Wonderland“, we’ve decided to launch a “Surreal Showdown.”

We love the imaginative art form that is Surrealism –  – the meshing of ideas about the subconscious mind, the dreamworld, symbolism and the unexpected, and are confident that the Saatchi Online community will have a truly unique interpretation of this art form.

Popularized by artists like Salvador Dali, Andre Breton, Frida Kahlo, and Joan Miro, in the 1920’s, Surrealism still has a consistent impact in the visual language of the contemporary art world as is evidenced in the work of artists such as John Currin, Maurizio Cattelan and Louise Bougeouis.

Given Surrealism’s far reach into other cultural avenues including literature, theater, art and even fashion, we want the community to submit work from any medium so long as it is represented under the style of “Surrealism”.

We’ll be ready to start accepting entries later in the month so be sure to get your work in order, we look forward to your submissions.  We suggest you like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the Showdown updates.

Of course stay tuned for updates on our participating judges.  The last two competitions were judged by acclaimed artists Wangechi Mutu and Peter Coffin whose work just recently opened as part of the Moca Exhibit “Transmission LA: AV CLUB” curated by Mike D here in LA.

Be sure to look for more updates and see past Showdown winners here.




  1. Karen Huber says:

    Im Karen Huber a curator from Mexico City.
    I found this article about Surrealisma and was very happy to read it and found out that you will be planning an exhibition on this theme, Ive just done that with 26 mexican talented artists with my curatorial project WHITE SPIDER.

    How can we collaborate? check out what it was:

    Since my project is about making exhibitions in buildings that have something to do this the theme I did it in an Art Decó building in DF – perfect witness of the Surreal movement in Mexico City -like Breton once said-

    Best regards! keep in touch pls


  2. Ploppi says:

    Thats a great exhibition Karen.

  3. Vincent Lee says:

    Finally a bit of Surrealism. I was beginning to think I was the only Surrealist left in the world.

  4. Deyan Petrov says:

    When it is going to start the submission for the Surreal Showdown?
    I am waiting for it and I can’t wait :) :) :)
    Best regards!

  5. Jo Welsh says:

    I am curating an exhibition called “In the light of Surrealism” at the Hastings arts Forum gallery 14th – 25th September. It will include works by Kathleen Fox, Anthony Penrose, Anthony Tiffin, and other Southeastern artists. The work is all inspired by Surrealism ranging from paintings, photography, objects, Sculpture, furniture and even millinery. It should be worth a look if you fancy a trip to the south coast of England. It’s great to see that Surrealism is still alive and kicking!

  6. Jo Welsh says:

    You can also check out the details at the following website

  7. margo says:

    All: Submissions have started. The incredibly talented Marnie Weber will be judging the finals. We look forward to your participation.

  8. Farzad says:

    finally a surreal one! glad to hear about it. i look forward to accepting submissions..

  9. Norah Manor says:

    The post about the Surreal Showdown was published by Saatchi Online on May 8, 2012, unfortunately I got an email about it only today – after it got started. I participated in the last 2 competitions.
    All together it’s a great competition and I am happy to submit a new work.

  10. Would have loved to participate but I am not selling my originals for any price so I regret to say that I appreciate the invitation but the criteria is not possible for me.
    Many blessings to you all and good luck!
    Best Regards

  11. @ Marc G Doutherd – Marc you can authorise them only to sell prints of your original work I believe

  12. Can one submit only prints?

  13. Can an artist submit high quality prints only?

  14. Awesome ! At last, a chance for 21st century surrealism. Its alive and well and still mutating.

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