Surreal Showdown Judge Announced: LA Artist Marnie Weber

Photo by LeeAnn Nickel, Los Angeles. Photo is courtesy of the artist, Marnie Weber.

We are thrilled to announce that Los Angeles sculptor, performance artist, and musician, Marnie Weber, will be judging the final round of the  Surreal Showdown.

Stemming from the punk rock scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s, Marnie Weber’s work incorporates punk rock’s reactionary energy, creating environments that never cease to shock and awe. Her immersive video installations,  theater- inspired sculptures and nightmarish videos create an uncanny physical environment out of a distant Freudian notion.

Weber has helped defined a style of Los Angeles surrealism filled with theatricality, magic and terror.  Her work has sprung up in such prestigious institutions as the Centre Pompidou, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, LA, as well as unusual locations such as Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum and even a Sonic Youth album cover.

If you’re an artist and wish to participate in Showdown, submissions begin Tuesday, June 5th (12pm pst).  If your an art lover, a collector or a fan of Showdown, stay up to date on all things Showdown here.

To learn more about Marnie Weber be sure to check out this video from the  MOCA show, The Artist’s Museum or visit her site


All photos are from Marnie Weber’s website and courtesy of the artist.


  1. me likes the judge….not saying that to gain favour…have not entered showdown…a result of a distracted mind.

  2. It seems a little bit funny, that feeling I had looking at your art Marnie 😉

  3. Works very interesting and fun, congratulations!



  4. Сергей says:

    Жуть какая-то. Совсем этот мирт с колес съехал, если вот это считается талантом

  5. formacolor says:

    my participation at the saatchi gallery SHOWDOWN is under problem: my works are generally more expansive than the highest price authorized on saatchi network: 30 000,00 USD ?
    I can try perhaps one…?
    [GOOGLE: print: “manifeste formacolor”]

  6. Yeah…what up with the 30 000 price limit??? Might sound like alot…but a full size bronze by a moderatly well know sculptor is often more expensive. Should set the limit closer to 100 K in my opinion.

  7. Cool… I’d love to go to a Marnie Halloween DayGlow party!

  8. formacolor says:

    je vais le redire en français: mes oeuvres valent beaucoup plus cher que la limite maximale du Showdown etc. qui est de 30 000 USD: aussi l’oeuvre que j’ai mise à ce prix , “Le Bateau Ivre” est sacrifiée !.
    Les prix alloué sont trop bas vu la difficulté du concours, et, il devrait y en avoir au moins un de plus.
    Bien amicalement
    créateur artistique.

  9. I saw the work of this woman (Marnie) on her site and found it fabulous! (and i mean trully, i don’t poop gratitious flatteries). Dreamscapes, transient dream-drama transient ceremony stages passing through eachother forming common intersections for a moment–just enough to exchange and mix the masks… lovely with touch of grotesque, tangent of dream-burlesque and messed up but–lovely!

  10. Guillaume says:

    I wanta be in the showdown~^.*.^~

  11. Jacob Freeze says:

    Where’s the RIVER OF SNOT?

    “Have you seen Svetlana’s new piece? It’s a river of boiling snot. No, I’m not kidding. And, guess what, Charles Saatchi wants to buy it and is duking it out with some Russian One Percent-er.”

  12. Willie Robb says:

    Surrealism has such an enduring appeal. It’s great to look at something and receive a real feeling. I love ‘Songs that never die’.

  13. Ana D'Apuzzo says:

    Happy to see artist from LA here!

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