Back from Art Paris…..

Congratulations again to all top 128 ArtParis Showdown artists! This year was the first edition of a partnership between Saatchi Online and Art Paris, which provided a selection of Saatchi Online artists from all over with the opportunity to exhibit at the Grand Palais during the fair.

This first partnership with a major international fair in Europe also gave the occasion to guest artists to meet at the Saatchi booth, share their online experience with visitors and the Saatchi team and comment on their own art as it was being displayed on big digital HD screens.

As Denis Humeau, one of the top 128 selected artists present on the fair puts it: “It is a magical and truly beautiful venue. What a great opportunity to be sharing such a space with the greatest galleries and contemporary artists! You guys made us a beautiful gift and I think this exposure to the best of the art world will help me a lot moving forward.”

For us at Saatchi Online this was also a unique opportunity to share our vision of the art experience in the digital age. Needless to say Art Paris visitors (estimated to be about 50,000 this year) were very intrigued by both the art and the interactive experience proposed at the Saatchi booth.

Finally the feedback from our numerous visitors, great interactions with the artists at the booth and quality of the works we were able to display next to some of the best galleries of the market all confirmed one thing: Social curation has a unique role to play in today’s art world by gathering a global community of art lovers and artists and enabling continuous discovery of new art and talents from all over.

Get ready for more discoveries and new art experiences on Saatchi Online and at Art Paris 2012! In the meantime, congratulations again to our four winners: Simis Gatieno, Ela Zubrowska, Richard T Scott, Gaston Carrio

See you all next year in Paris and all the best for the upcoming Saatchi Gallery Showdown!


  1. Rosa Borreale says:

    I was there too! It was very interesting and fun to meet the artists that I met on the internet. Quite an experience!

  2. It was amazing and unforgettable , thank you guys. you did a big job and it was pleasure to meet you there.

  3. Matthew Burdis says:

    ArtParis was quality, it was great to meet peter and alex and to see my work shown. i really hope to display my work again there next year as it was a great experience, thanks for the opportunity.

  4. It is been an honour to have my work displayed at the Saatchi online stand amongst the other 127 finalists.

  5. It was so great opportunity for me. I had to be there, but I couldn’t…
    I wanted to see sooooooooooo much how my works to be shown at Le Grand Palais. It would be so cool if I was there.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Ana Costa says:

    It was an honor to be able be in Art Paris, I loved it! and the guys from Saatchi Online were so friendly. Definitely wanna keep in touch with them

  7. Laurent Koller says:

    I was there and i had a good time meeting nice people from all over the world. Great opportunity ! Thanks to saatchionline.

  8. SO Nic says:

    It was an amazing concentration of talents from all over at the Saatchi booth! Super fun meeting all of you guys and am glad to see comments from familiar people here!;)

  9. frankfurt tootinshire says:

    i found the digital display cheap and of little impact. obviosly just advertisement for the website and not for the artist.

  10. It was great fun!

    Also, I thought you might like a little follow up.
    Painted Philosophy, video interview with Richard T Scott:


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