Congratulations To Samantha French: Winner Of Showdown & Runner Up: TASOS CHONIAS

The voting period for SHOWDOWN is over and we now have two winners to congratulate! 1st place and $1,000 goes to Samantha French for her work Three Feet Deep. Runner-up Tasos Chonias is awarded $500 for his work Interior. Both works will be exhibited at Saatchi Gallery in London.



Three Feet Below by Samantha French





Interior by Tasos Chonias

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  1. Congratulations! Good choices.

  2. Luca Pierro says:

    Congratulations to the artists. Excellent work.!

    I just have a question..

    “July 4, 2011, 12:00 pm

    Dear Luca Pierro,

    You placed second in Showdown. Your artwork will go on to be displayed at the Saatchi Gallery in London. A Saatchi Online staff member will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your prize.”

    why I received this email?

  3. angela zanardi says:

    Jury shouldn’t be anonymous and visitors to the showdown should be able to see a gallery of all the entries to make sure all works submitted are there!!! Some of the entries kept popping up all the time!!!

    • Jen Dixon says:

      I saw the same entries over and over and over. It was like a broken record at times. I did email my concerns that the ‘randomising’ logic in the code was flawed…
      I may not enter again – I was disappointed that the only way to see entries was two at a time (sometimes the same two swapped sides several clicks in a row!) and I had to click for hours and hours over several days to reach the end of the line. Even then, the final 30 seemed to have a few pieces I’d never seen before.

      I appreciate the additional exposure I received, but don’t think the Showdown will be something I participate in again unless more works are shown per page and the ability to vote for particular pieces without hours of time invested in clicking through is available.

      My congratulations to the winners though – very nice work Samantha and Tasos.

    • Jose Seligson says:

      I had the same experience. Like the deck was stacked up. Same work popping up over and over. I saw my piece once in 20 tours!

  4. Luca Pierro says:

    Non capisco questo cosa c’entra con il mio problema.
    I would just like to have a reply by the staff..

  5. karien deroo says:

    yes, congratulations to the winners!!

    and yes to Luca Pierro, I had exactly the same email from saatchi, “You placed second in Showdown”, I copied it here, as you can see, the same words!

    Dear karien deroo,

    You placed second in Showdown. Your artwork will go on to be displayed at the Saatchi Gallery in London. A Saatchi Online staff member will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your prize.

    I wonder if other persons had received this email too yesterday when the votingtime was over???

    I have sent an email to the saatchi-support, to ask what was happend, that I was confused and that I want an explanation, but I had no answer yet…

    So, was there something wrong about this site, technicaly, or is this just a game that they play with artists…?

    Saatchi online is a very good site to discover other artists and their work, but I will very much ask myself if I am going to do other showdowns in the future, I don’t think so, there’s always something that goes wrong as I heard from other people of the showdowns in the past, and now this time I discoverd it by myself.

    I hope, just like Luca Pierro, that we will have some explanations from the saatchi staff…

  6. Agnes Toth says:

    Congratulations to everyone who got in the final 30! We have done a great job!! This is already a fine achievement!!

  7. Bernd Hoppe says:

    I got the same mail. …

  8. Lee Herring says:

    I also recieved the same e-mail!

    Well done to the winners!!!!!

  9. Robert McPartland says:

    I got one of these emails too and it’s bitterly disappointing.
    Also navigating the Showdown process is a nightmare, the judging process is opaque and I agree with the comments made about it.
    If Saatchi online wants to attract and retain serious artists it needs to establish and maintain it’s brand credibility.
    I’m sure Charles Saatchi knows this…
    What happened?

  10. Sadreddini says:

    both were also my choice :)

  11. Robert McPartland says:

    and congratulations to the winners!

  12. Bernd Hoppe says:

    Of course I also congratulate the winners and all the other finalists.

  13. Congratulations to the winners…. I hope one day there will be a showdown for each type art: drawing, painting, photographs, printmaking, sculpture, etc …

  14. Question for Saatchi Online staff members:
    Do you save the surprise to all of us who received e-mail that we are placed second in Showdown – we will all exhibit at Saatchi Gallery??
    It would really be wonderful!!!

  15. Ira Upin says:

    Well at least I’m not alone in getting the bogus email telling me that I placed 2nd in the Showdown. After watching my standing all week and getting real close near the end, to get this email on the 4th in the midst of a party was a thrill for me, my family and friends. Then to see the actual posted results was a total disappointment and embarrassment. As others have said this really puts a topping on the perception of the lack of credibility on the entire process of the Showdown. I received numerous emails from friends who couldn’t even get the site to accept their attempts to register. All in all it sounds like a grand screw up. For the sake of the accomplishment by Samantha and Tasos I hope this is just a technical glitch in the notification process.

  16. angela zanardi says:

    The disappointment and frustration of all those artists who expected to be fairly judged by the ‘faceless’ jury is well understandable; the lack of gallery of all the competition entries at the initial stage and the total lack of transparency during the whole voting process make the results pretty dubious…
    I myself couldn’t vote for the works I wanted to simply because I couldn’t find them! I doubt if they were included in the showdown!
    Well done to the winners though … and let’s hope saatchi will change the showdown format and make the voting process easier and more transparent!

  17. Lia says:

    Firstly, congratulations to the winners, and especially Tasos who was excluded from the final 30 by the invisible jury in the last Showdown. I can’t think of any prize in the world of the arts, that is awarded by an anonymous jury; why is this one secret? Why is there a need for a jury in any case, when we have already arrived at a credible 300?

    Is it possible that several artists came joint 2nd, and the computer generated the message to all automatically; therefore, will they all get $500 and be exhibited? That seems to me to be the only fair outcome, given what has happened.

    If Saatchi allowed final voting to be visible again, this kind of situation would not occur; but when figures were visible it became evident that less than 1500 votes were cast from this site of over 120,000; shame actually on the artists who take so little interest when they are not in the finals.

    Ira said most of what needs to be said about the process; I also heard from people who couldn’t register, and know of many, myself included, who were told “you’ve already voted for everything” in the first round. In my case, I had found the skip button effective, took the time needed to see all the entrants, and then went to vote for my top 100; I got to about 80 before getting the message. I know of many others, over the last weekend of voting, who got it as soon as they signed in.

    A lot of really good work got through to the 300, despite the fact that ratings over the final weekend, which, given a normal pattern of voting should have been reasonably stable, rose and fell by leaps and bounds, suggesting low voting figures. In the final 300, no notice was given to artists of their placings before the public announcement of the final 30; yet another example of the lack of transparency that occurs throughout the whole process, and undermines all trust in the outcome.

    Saatchi are still trying to develop the technology to allow us to show our portfolios in the order in which we want them; something my own small Open Studios organisation, made up of artists, found easy to do. If Saatchi can’t manage that, what hope is there for a credible voting system?

    Angela – unfortunately the difficulty in finding the works you want to vote for is a direct result of artists in previous rounds forming cliques of tame ‘friends’ to vote for them, making it a networking contest rather than an art contest.

  18. Dania Moore says:

    Juried vote = Fiasco. If Saatchi online is a page for the artists, only the artists can vote in each round of the showdowns. Artists are the best jury for the art

  19. Congratulations to the winners.

    Saatchi Online made an error with a script and sent emails to 28 of the people in the TOP 30 who didn’t win telling them they placed 2nd in the Showdown. We regret this error. Please accept my apologies.

  20. Lia says:

    28 of 30 plus the 2 winners = 30, so all entrants except 1 came 2nd.
    Two weeks of initial voting, hard enough. Some of the really best, professional artists on site fell at that fence.
    One week of total silence while the mystery jury ruminates.
    One weeks of hope for the chosen 30.
    This at the end of it.
    A late, very limp apology (much in the vein of the petulant ‘Saatchi Fiasco’, which complained about the artists pointing out all the things that were wrong)that does nothing to inspire any degree of faith in the entire process, and does nothing to address the agony that those 28 went through (including Tasos, who must have wondered what the hell was going on).
    Too little, too late, as usual.

  21. Namik Ozturk says:

    I think its all a bit of fun. However, the same images kept popping up, over and over again over other works. My image did not get shown on the Monday Showdown started. On Tuesday its ranking was about 1800 , by the end of Thursday it went to around 900 and then suddenly back up to around 1500. This is why folks I have stopped voting. There needs to be some thinking over this comp, to create some credibility and kudos. Well done to those that won, for me I have given up with ever thinking I could actually get a fair vote, so I just enter for the hell of it.

  22. I am sincerely disappointed and I’m feeling deeply disrespected.. We all understand that computers do make mistakes, but in this case we have been seriously damaged, and I really think Saatchi Online staff should somehow compensate this. I am not pointing fingers to anyone or saying anything about the selection proccess (which by the way I agree, is not very “transparent”). The point here is the moral damage and the Saatchi Online’s own credibility.

  23. Dan Adams says:

    Agree with all above. Some images shown over & over, others once, maybe. During 300 voting, I was listed first at 20 something, then second tome around 190. That was it for rest of week. Voted for twice, I guess. Needs improvment on voting system for sure.

    • Shohei says:

      solomon Etana Posted on I am from Ethiopia and I am a graduate of Engineering Geology stunedt(MSc program) and I still look forward to continue my education in similar and related subjects.Would you please forward me important links and the application procedures?thanks in advance

  24. Cane says:

    At least for me personally, this whole “Showdown” business supposed to be only fun and I never took it too seriously. However, what supposed to be a little fun is slowly developing into an emotional, quite serious, way over the top ambitious contest for some people.

    Actually, what I don’t like the most is this silly, relentless (ab)using of all the other monstrously large social Internet sites. Extended families and all the family “friends” and all unknown, virtual “friends” and all the “friends-of-the-friends” and all the other nonexistent cyberspace “friends” and everybody else are asked bluntly for vote via those social mega sites, in order to collect numbers of votes necessary to advance or win. Saatchi likes it, more clicks and more activity brings up the value of the site.

    I am sympathetic and I understand their motivation, but I ask myself what would be the purpose, against what or whom and for what reason exactly are we competing here in this way? What is to be gained or acquired? What would be the meaning of any reward or recognition acquired by using these methods and techniques? Art can’t jump, swim, run or play with balls so…how we supposed to compete? By having nonexistent, virtual, cyberspace friends-of-friends and extended family voting for us? Is that it?

    When all that was scaled down by changing the way of voting, somewhat sloppy from the technical side but effective, some folks didn’t like it a one bit, and I understand why.

    Sadly, the fun of having a friendly competition degenerated to a meaningless, compulsive, obsessive behavior for some participants, driven by sad and unstoppable ambition to win. All that is just a little bit unhealthy and not very good. It runs against the very concept and true meaning of the “Showdown” or any other competition.

    And if anybody feels upset or mildly offended by anonymity and mediocrity of this so called “jury,” please don’t be. I guess, nobody really should take seriously any anonymous “jury,” including this one.

    I blame only myself for having my work, work which I take very seriously, to be a subject for a comedy show run by anonymous, mediocre jury.

    I am checking out of this “showdown” business, at least for now. I do not want to have a “showdown” with anybody. If and when this competition becomes what it should be, I might come back.

    Until then, all the best luck and best regards to all of you…

    PS By the way, I saw some extraordinary, awesome, wonderful, powerful, inspirational artworks on this site! And almost every day I discover a new one! I wish those people a success they deserve and I hope they’ll continue to create and work no matter what!

  25. Just want to repeat the PS by the previous commenter because I totally agree and that is what this site is all about (I think). PS By the way, I saw some extraordinary, awesome, wonderful, powerful, inspirational artworks on this site! And almost every day I discover a new one! I wish those people a success they deserve and I hope they’ll continue to create and work no matter what!

  26. I agree with mostly everything that was said here, I just want to add something – it is a frivolous contest which allows artists to ask others: “Would you please vote for me”. I have not sent a single message of this type, and it was annoying for me when I was receiving them from others. No matter how much energy they spent on sending such messages, I would vote for those who are my best anyway. But of of course, their friends, family, uncles and aunts were certainly not so autonomous.
    Bottom line is that Saatchi should organize a multi-member jury with their full names. Members of the jury should be those people who have acquired a reputation in the art world. They should vote because they would stand behind their decisions.
    Neither their taste, of course, does not guarantee immaculacy, but at least it would make this showdown much more meaningful.

    And again congratulations to the winners, not their fault that they find themselves in the midst of this chaos.

    • Bernd Hoppe says:

      I also think that pretty much everything necessary has been said and I agree with your resume in full.
      I am grateful for the contacts that are based on recognition of my art.
      Perhaps we should replace the Showdown through organized exhibitions, where artists can come together and where is no possibility to ask “could you please vote for me”.
      But that would be another issue.

  27. In the last voting I saw as few as ten pairs, several painting I had never seen before, and then I had no more votes until I saw the final pair had won. Happily the winner was on my collection for this Showdown but Saatchi haven’t replied about the voting flaws. As so many people received an email that they were second, perhaps there should be a recount like in a General Election. Then all those who received second place emails should receive the dollars too? Over the last three Showdowns I’ve come upon many fine pieces and contacted some of the artists in introductory messages. Then, other than pure chance, how do we know when the next Showdown will be?

  28. dONNA says:

    WELL DONE TO THE WINNERS – LOVELY WORK. It was nice to be a part of the voting but good that Saatchi had a panel for the finals as this makes it impartial so as to avoid people voting for their friends!!! Looking forward to seeing the winners’ work in real life at the gallery. Donna B and Angela R

  29. Ploppi says:

    The voting is far from fair.

    If it was fair then voters would be able to see all of the entries equally and select the ones they prefer.

    The way it is now, mots people including myself see a very slow process of pairs of images which they go through page by page until they get tired or bored and that leaves hundreds or more entries that don’t even get seen or voted on.

    Wouldn’t it be easier if say there are 5000 entries to have pages of thumbnails that voters can scroll down and choose images that catch their eye.

    Something like 50 pages of 100 thumbnail images.

    and allow people to choose their top 100 from the pages.

    Then put the top 100 against each other two at a time etc.

    All entries should have an equal chance and they do not under the current method.

    The judges should also be named.

  30. Moljevic says:

    Congrats to the winners! Excellent work.

  31. Ploppi has some sort of method that might get transparency. In Showdown 4 four or five of my favourites got through to the final votes, but I didn’t pick the winner. This time in showdown 5, I had the winner in my collection but didn’t get the software opportunity to vote the final pairings.
    What disturbs me is not that the winners don’t deserve the recognition, but just how large number of other works are entered but display little more than a vulgar intent in portraying nudity or sexuality. I look at works for Idea, Technique, Liveability and Worth. If I wouldn’t be able to live with it I certainly wouldn’t buy it, if the technique is poor but conveys an interesting idea I would hope that skills could improve. If the idea is worthless, or vulgar, then all the rest can’t save it. As for catelories, I usually try to vote for paintings over photographs. The problem of course is where the final painting looks like digital photography and PhotoShop or other new media or mixed media effects have substantially replaced traditional observation, draughtsmanship, mark-making and finish.

  32. Well done to the two last choices. Yes the voting system is weird… You have paintings facing other images that are similar and very unusual basic art against an installation. As if the face to face was pre planed and the panel who set it up do not have any random system. The thumbnail idea seems the best idea. 100 thumbnails or 50 pre page and one can flick past a page fast. The voting is a bore because there are works that just don’t have any appeal and you skim past again and again vote once twice and then, out because it’s a PAIN the system is a Bummer !

  33. congratulations on two great artists

  34. Gonçalo Castelo Branco says:

    Congratulations to the winners, losers and convinced!
    I do not believe more in the Showdown, just me!

  35. Lia says:

    Whoa; this discussion has gone far beyond what it initially started to be; a discussion that pointed out to Saatchi that some technical issues to do with Showdown still need to be put to rights. We came here to address an appalling (technical ) mistake on Saatchi’s part, and to discuss problems we had encountered during the voting process.

    There are other issues; the jury, the lack of information given at any time, but some focus is needed here.

    I’ve heard that Saatchi contacted all artists involved to give graphic evidence that the voting backed up the result given; a little late in the day, but hell, they were faced with a dreadful technical boob and an appallingly damaging situation to rectify. Point taken; Saatchi need to get to grips with the problems involved in running a huge site, staffed by artists who have helped to create the problems the site experiences.

    Some perspective; Saatchi have not been to blame for the worst failures on this site; artists were.

    There is history here that some people seem to be blissfully unaware of; presumably they were not among the artists who had vote trading offered on their paintings, or who were inundated with vote requests; artists who knew they were in competition with cliques who willingly and publically blocked any emerging talent from being seen, using any method possible. I can’t imagine what satisfaction they got out of this type of “success”; what does it mean, selling your soul to win?

    I fully support the new system of voting; I ‘ve found it to be a rewarding experience. In two weeks there is ample time to look at all competitors, and look at their portfolios. If you pay for a ticket to go to an exhibition of one artist, how much time do you expect to spend in the exhibition? Half an hour, or several hours? Saatchi offer a free exhibition of thousands of artists, many of whom are well worth looking at; it’s a great way to see art you would never normally see, open your mind to new techniques and mediums; it’s a journey of exploration that informs our minds.

    Who expects to look at a few 1000 artists in a couple of hours? The skip button worked really well. Yep, a few repeats, but most days, a clear run, in my experience. I think you needed about 6 hours, with a decently fast laptop, to see the whole field in the last SD.

    Keep the voting as difficult as possible Saatchi. It’s a pity you have to waste so much time dealing with artists who are only concerned with themselves, just like Eric who pastes his website details in the middle of a serious attempt of artists to voice their concerns; time you could be spending in sorting out the technical problems that need addressing, inevitable problems given the size of the site.

    One more word; the real value of this site to artists, if they choose to use it, has nothing to do with SD. It’s about making real, genuine contacts and benefiting from the critique of the large number of sincere, talented and dedicated artists to be found here. I personally have benefited greatly from many of them. It’s really easy to list huge numbers of FB type contacts, but it’s a lot more rewarding to collect a group of contacts who contribute to your experience as an artist, and to whom you return the compliment, rather than just add another scalp to your friend list, another potential voter.

    This is a free site that offers a free competition. It’s only partly created by Saatchi; we collectively create it too.

  36. We, the management of Saatchi Online are responsible for the error of sending out the email to the final 30. It had nothing to do with anyone else but us. I understand how disappointing this was to everyone who received the message and especially embarrassing in social networks and circles if you may have posted your success. I am truly sorry this happened and we are making every effort to make sure this type of mistake doesn’t happen again. With the compounded errors from previous Showdowns, this is really a cumulative disaster and it is difficult for us even understand the long term effects of ill-will this will have on our reputation amongst the artist community. Rest assured, we are focused on making this a much better system in the future and taking all criticism, comments and suggestions to heart.

    • Cane says:

      I have to tell you that you and all the people involved with developing and maintaining this site are doing a hell of a good job!
      SD is just a small, if not the smallest and least important part of the whole thing. This is probably the best site today about art and artists. It is free, it allows everybody to post everything. Glitches? Yes, of course. But that’s nothing! The site is wonderful and I had and still have such a great time discovering almost every day some great, inspirational, powerful images and some great artists and people.

      Please, don’t blame yourself or your staff for anything!

      I am happy that you guys are around doing what you are doing. That’s me, but I am damn sure that many others would agree with me 100%.

      And many thanks to Mr. Saatchi for his support. Without him, neither this site nor this discussion could ever take place…

      Best regards to you and the site platoon.

      Well done!!!

  37. Lia says:

    Great input Bruce; I wouldn’t want your job for all the worlds.
    The artist community is made up of you and us; we haven’t done such a great job either, collectively. Yep, you made a mistake. Let’s all get over it. Anything you should learn, keep transparency. Admit mistakes (understandable), and we’ll support you.
    Keep it all tough and mean, and go for technical excellency.

    Who would really want to babysit artists, with all their propensities for making life downright awkward?

    Rather you than me!

  38. Project M says:

    Thank you for the great apology Bruce and the rest of the team! I trust the next SD will be even better and I am ready to support it. However I really do hope you find a way to stop badly cropped submissions as these lower the tone. Plus it would be more fun to have more layers of voting to the SD.

  39. Lia says:

    Good comment Project M; about layers.
    I liked the older way (going back some some time) when we voted art 1-10.
    Art was shown individually; we didn’t have a 0 button. The site has grown a lot since then, so I can see the SD would be an even greater technical challenge, should this system be re-embraced.
    Technicians rather than artists seem to be needed around here;” is there anyone there? “

  40. Iliana Tosheva says:

    It gives me great hope to see so many artists prepared to stand up for themselves and for their right to have their work fairly judged by merit! It seemed to me that over the last few months so many artists had nearly forgotten that the Showdown was about art and not about collecting votes and making vote appeals!
    That was really a very sad thing to watch!
    Saatchi Online is a great place to discover incredible talent and to connect with and learn from other artists! Perhaps that is why Saatchi is so appealing to so many artists!
    People however expect to be treated with respect and to be given a really fair chance to have their competition entries displayed and voted for by fellow artists, friends and fans. There is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, displaying the competition entries in pairs resulted in trading votes, posting vote appeals on artists’ walls, which is particularly annoying and even in exchanging hostile notes which is undoubtedly wrong and very, very unattractive to watch.
    I cannot agree more with the idea of creating a Showdown gallery (or even different galleries for paintings, sculpture, mixed media and photography) displaying all the artworks submitted to the competition. All the visitors to the Showdown should be able to vote for those works they really would like to without having to choose from a pair of works that are impossible to compare (by using the skip button most of the time!).
    Art is not supposed to be compared, it is supposed to be enjoyed and judged by merit.
    I look forward to taking part in a better art competition (focused on art!) where art and artists will be equally respected and not forced into the absurd situation of losing self-respect and begging for and counting votes as if it is a matter of life and death!

  41. Jen Dixon says:

    Thank you, Bruce, for responding so honestly about this (comment 17409).

    A few suggestions:
    - Separate painting, photography, illustration/drawing, sculpture/installation, digital into categories. These all have separate judging criteria and not all categories interest everyone.
    - See more pieces at a time- the hours I spent wading through the good, the bad and the oddly pornographic could have been better spent elsewhere. Time is money for us too. I’ll look (and vote) on it all, just make it a better use of my time, please.
    - If there are only two winners, don’t rely on a script to email them. It’s only two emails that need written- do it by hand.
    - If the work isn’t properly shot as a portfolio piece, disqualify. Why vote for something that the artist doesn’t care enough to photograph properly.
    - Sort out repeat viewings. Several people I know had the ‘broken record’ effect with seeing the same pieces over and over again. (Perhaps seeing randomised batches of thumbnails/small images would work better?)
    - Sort out registration bugs. I know someone this happened to as well.
    - Give us a button or banner we can add to our sites or social networks so we can easily promote the competition. If we can’t link to our pieces directly (and I see now that this was a major problem in the past), then let’s make it idiot-proof for our fans and readers to get to the voting.

    Thank you for listening, and I look forward to the future Showdown improvements.

    • Dominic Sansone says:

      These are some great ideas Jen and would go a long way towards making the voting process a lot less cumbersome. I’d also add that complete details are a must, it is very annoying to come across work without dimensions or sometimes the artist doesn’t even know what medium they are using. Makes it very difficult to assess works when compared to another.

  42. Project M says:

    Just remembered another anoying thing – why when you voted against a piece would that piece sometimes come up again when you tried to vote another pair?

  43. I consider myself blessed to be fortunate enough to have an imagination that allows me to express and then release… even if not in the most traditional of forms.
    Competitions and competitors fall helpless into winning and losing, when really none of it applies!
    Art is first for the individual and the creator, so it can’t force a judgement by others or a so called panel…and flaws are intricate across the World Wide Web.
    If I never sell a single piece… well I guess even my man Van G had to deal with that kinda rejection and reflection.
    Love in Art where all else fail………taking the beauty from the turmoil !!! X

  44. I feel hapy for the winners,but sad that so many of us don’t even
    get a chance of been glanced at…
    I’m begining to wonder if my efforts are worthless..going against this gigantic
    technologic machinery that decides who is who in the such called art world.
    Should I keep on painting? or learn how to be a computer
    genius software to be able to do the million things to get noticed (sighs)
    I truly wish painting and artists were like it was back hundreds of years ago….
    you were recognized by merit, not by how many times you facebook like, or tweet,or trendy websites, way toooooooooo much to deal with….how can we
    create at all??
    or…who is a *real* artist now?
    I’m going to follow Van Gogh way of life and approch to art, maybe it will be worth it in the end…
    Best wishes to all of you!
    Erika Morrison Bunda

  45. Cane says:

    Please, just paint or draw or do whatever you do the way you do it. If it is true that we are all different (like snowflakes?) that would be the only way to be original and have any sense in all of it.

    Don’t get emotional about this “showdown” circus either.

    And … for God sake, please DO NOT follow Van Gogh in anything, especially in his lifestyle! He was a nineteen century mental case, poor guy. He became what he never was: a nineteen century romantic figure made to be a nineteen century romantic figure by a bunch of relentless and ruthless money peddlers of the twentieth century. What an irony!
    He never really learned to paint but he became a painters ikon, and rightfully so! Because he paid high price for his passion to become a good painter with his life, flesh and blood.

    Was it worth doing it? Yes, of course, but not for poor Van Gogh. It was very good and today is even better only for the World Art Corp. Inc. and for all sorts of institutionalized and individual Art and money peddlers of the vast and invincible Art-Crime, Inc.

    I feel so sorry for him. For all the artist out there and for the Art brotherhood he is like an Art Christ…The one who was sacrificed for all of our artistic and painterly sins…

    Sadly, today he is neither more nor less but a cashed commodity, the king of stocks and bonds to be peddled with by the filthy rich…

    It looks there is nothing new out there and here, is it?

    Best Regards,

  46. my most sincere congratulations to the winners.
    i have fallen in love with Tasos’s work. what an amazing discovery.

  47. Laurent Koller says:

    Congratulations to the winners !

  48. Mis mas sinceras felicitaciones a los ganadores por sus hermosos trabajos!

    By the way, all 30 were great!!!


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