New Slideshow!

The experience of viewing art online is a challenging one and sometimes underwhelming. It’s not easy to appreciate size, scale and detail of works from tiny images surrounded by tools and clutter. We’re trying to change all that. Behold the new slideshow! Large, bold images with minimal interference, allowing you to focus on what’s important – art. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Look for this icon Slideshow Icon or the link that says “Slideshow” and click it to begin.

The slideshow experience is available in the following areas of the site:

1. Portfolio

Slideshow in a Portfolio

Slideshow in a Portfolio

2. Collection

Slideshow in Collection

Slideshow in a Collection

3. Search

Slideshow in Search

Slideshow in Search










This is what the slideshow panel looks like. In the top of the panel, there are controls to go to the start of the slideshow, play/pause and advance to the end of the slideshow.

Slideshow Info & Control Panel

Slideshow Info & Control Panel


















A look at the slideshow controls:

Go to the Start
Play/pause (the slideshow is playing by default and advances every 5 seconds)
Advance to the end
Close the slideshow


  1. Mizz Corrie says:

    the new slide show is great .. but surely images should be barred the right click & save!!especially at this res..anyone can download and use!!

  2. A W Haghani says:

    Looks great, can you consider a black background or a neutral gray color so that the colors can shine better.

  3. karien deroo says:

    this is a very great step forwards to view and find more interesting art, es pecially in the collections!
    I tried it out and it goes very good and in a quick way.
    great change here on saatchi online!! thanks!

  4. Susan Jean Peters says:

    Slideshow looks great.

    Can you slow down, not enough time to view and Vectors do not have time to load properly before it moves to another image – jagged lines to smooth lines etc.

  5. Bruce Livingstone says:

    Thanks for the comments, we will look into the speed, etc.

  6. Markus says:

    I also think images should be barred from downloading or put a watermark in as some stockphoto sites do. Further it would be great if the viewer could chose between a dark or light backgrounf in the slideshow.

  7. With this new slideshow it becomes clear again, that on your site creative minds perform not only on stage but backstage too. Thanks and go on!

  8. I love the new slide show, the clarity and the white background. All around I am amazed at the transformations that have taken place with Saatchionline in the last few months since I arrived here. It has improved dramatically and become an excellent showcase for a large and ever increasing number of high quality, professional work..and the news is spreading, reputation growing. Well done Saachionline Crew, thank you Bruce Livingston!

  9. In interface is much better way clearer and nothing interrupting the viewing of the art works!

  10. Kenlyn Castellanos says:

    Good afternoon everyone,
    I love the slideshow!

  11. Hello, thank you for this new feature, looks great and seems to me to be a most effective way to show pictures of artworks.
    I have nevertheless an observation: due to the high quality of the pictures that we upload, in order to sell prints and canvas, the images that slide in the slideshow are very large and quite interesting for anyone who could printscreen them.
    I reckon that some sort of protection should be put on.
    Say a copyright notice or the name of the Saatchi site or something that make the picture unavailable for commercial use.

    thank you for your attention
    alberto sebastiani

  12. Jrn Calo says:

    It is very interesting but it would be a good idea to put the possibility of integrating an HTML or embed code, for for websites, blogs etc-are estendería the possibility to reach more buyers, thank you very much and best regards!

  13. Joyce Dade says:

    Just a note of thanks for the new feature of Slide Show. It is easy to setup and shows the work beautifully. The comment immediately above points to what may or may not be a problem. Watermarking might be a good idea but, I think Saatchi has the higher technology that allows you to download but when you click to open the file, there’s nothing there. :) My printer is not working so I’m not sure if printouts can take place. It would be nice to know that no form of download or printout is available because after all the object is to to sell the work. Thank you, again.

  14. Well done, Saachionline Crew!
    There is a lot of good work in here. This is a place where everybody feels honored to be, including visitors! Congratulations, Mr. Livingston & friends!
    Thank you all!


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