Inside the Studio: Lia Porto (Argentina)


studio12Lia Porto in front of her painting, “Nesquik de Tofu,” which is part of the series, “Nutrition.”

unnamed-5Lia uses this round table to work on her small scale works; usually these are created on papers or pieces of canvas. Her studio is in a recycled stud, so she can see her beautiful garden through the windows.

What are the major themes you pursue in your work?
My work is not oriented to deal with specific themes. In a way, the main theme is the construction of a language and its permanent exploration. Painting becomes an open space, where images can manifest from the inside out. I always want to enter this space, to know more, to let things happen, and it’s the painting and its dynamism that shows me and directs me. It is more the idea of opening a door, inviting images to come, than the idea of someone trying to say something in a certain way.

This is why I say my language is organic. The development of the painting and each picture functions like a universe in itself, with many elements -organic elements- coexisting together. The whole movement of painting is a movement of making these elements appear, in a constant search for balance, tension, and equilibrium.

unnamed-3Lia working on a small scale artwork in her studio.

What was the best advice given to you as an artist?
To explore and use resources in a deep and extreme way. These resources are all the elements involved in the painting, which can apply to scale, color, to a particular way of application, as well as to the imagery. All of these elements are always interacting and working together.

In my recent series I am working with this concept of abundance. When I create patterns, or branches, or dots, then, I create even more, until the possibility to continue with this action is exhausted.  Then, the point is to maintain a sense of balance within the composition.


Lia is working with a group of paper works, where brilliantly colored animals appear in organic worlds. Most of these works were created outside of her studio. When she is in the studio, she prefers to work on large scale canvases. But in order to work wherever she may travel, it’s helpful to bring along her more travel-friendly papers. This particular series was created this past summer while she was in Uruguay.

unnamedHere, Lia is working on one of her most recent large scale works, “ojo de pez ojo de dragon ojo de buey.” This work belongs to the series, “20 days of rain.”  She normally works on the floor with an un-stretched canvas. She spends a lot of time with each piece until she finally feels that it is completed. Working on the floor affords her the possibility to paint from all angles–sometimes she even works with her body ON the canvas.


Selva misionera 2 am _acaso otoño Centro Cultural Recoleta 2013 “Acaso otono” was featured in an exhibition at the Centro Cultural Recoleta (Nov 2012). “Selva Misionera 2 Am” was also featured in this exhibition, as well as being included in “The New Collectors Book 2014″.  

selva misionera _acaso otño Centro Cultural RecoletaPeople admiring the artworks.

Prefer to work with music or in silence?
It depends. I enjoy silence a lot. But sometimes though, I feel like I need music. And in these cases I usually work while listening to the same album over and over again, like a mantra. This loop becomes a kind of silence in itself.

Que diria Lee_ Centro Cultural Recoleta 2013“Que diría Lee?” was also featured in the exhibition at the Centro Cultural Recoleta (Nov 2012).

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?
“O magico,” by Beatriz Milhazes.

Noctilucas 102 Salon Nacional de Artes Visuales Palais de Glace sept_oct 2013 selected work“Noctilucas” was selected at the 102 National Salon of Visual Arts. This exhibition took place at the Palais de Glace (National Palace of Arts) September 20th-October 20th, 2013.

Who are your favorite writers?
Di Benedeto, Borges, Pizzarnik, Saer, Juan L. Ortiz, Dylan Thomas, Samuel Beckett, and Cheever. I used to read a lot of fiction and poetry. Now, I’m interested in writings on meditation and spirituality, such as the writings of Trungpa and Krishnamurti.
Arte Espacio Darwin Hipodromo de San Isidro sept- 2013“Adios a las orugas” and “Esos huecos también fueron nuestros nidos” were both featured in Arte Espacio 2013 (San Isidro). The latter work was also exhibited at Belgrano University, where it was prized with a mention in 2011 (Premios a la Creacion Artistica).

Arte Espacio- Darwin Hipodromo de San Isidro - sept. 2012“Suave y blando corazon” is pictured here on the bottom. It was also exhibited in Arte Espacio 2012. 

salon manuel belgrano 2Lia’s work, “Asi Respiro,” is part of an exhibition at the National Salon of Visual Arts Manuel Belgrano, which is on view through May 18th. 

See more of Lia’s works on Saatchi Art:

me desvelo“Me desvelo” 

no me busque...“No me busques en la cocina”

what happens in heaven?“What happens in heaven?”

brilliant blackbirds“Brilliant Blackbirds on the Grass Near the River”


emerald city“Emerald City” 



  1. I love your organic language both in your work and how you work. I feel like you are a kindred spirit.* When I look at your works I have a feeling like I can hear wind chimes and tinkling sounds. Your work is enchanted, thank you for your studio visit I really enjoyed it.*

  2. Really interesting interview with a lot of information behind the art. Great to know that there are some painters who still believe in beautiful color combinations and that a painting can have both a message inside and an inspiring surface too. Lovely art, Lia.

  3. Vladimir says:

    Amazing! Love your paintings!

  4. niki hare says:

    Beautiful work Lia, congratulations on the feature, so great to see behind the scenes !!

  5. rajiv says:


  6. Wht a beautiful array of VIBRATIONS OF COLORS!

  7. What a beautiful array and vibrtions of color.Thanks for letting us melt and glide through your world!!

  8. !!Me gusta mucho todo de tu arte!! Es un estilo muy original! Buen trabajo.y entrevista muy interesante!


  10. Penny Otwell says:

    I love the pattern aspect of your work and honoring your imagination. I paint outdoors but also from my imagination, and sometimes blend the two in a work. I enjoyed seeing you work in your studio! Beautiful!

  11. lamberto says:

    The most important fact is that you succeed in creating a world , a whole new world! It makes sense if you get all at the same time in a wide perspective but even if you look to the different fascinating details. Well done!

  12. Cora de Lang says:

    Lía te felicito! tus cuadros irradian buena onda en una orgía de colores que vibran y alegran al que los mira . super !


  14. Claudia Ryan says:

    Lia your work is so magical and enchanting ! Looking at it takes you away to this beautiful place where colors dance around you. You are fantastic

  15. maaria brink says:

    Lia looking at your work is like being a child again, I got lost in its magic.

  16. Lia Porto says:

    Thank you all for your nice comments. I really appreciate them! :):):)

    Gracias a todos por sus comentarios! La mirada de otros completa la obra y le da sentido. Gracias!

  17. Eli says:

    me encanta tu optimista y colorista .muy bonita

  18. Clara Fialho says:

    I really love your work Lia! Congrats!

  19. I love your paintings on paper, they are so delicate! congrats, you are a great artist

  20. Beautiful work! Love your colours! Gorgeous delicate. Keep up the great work!

  21. Hayat says:

    Your work is amazing! Good luck!

  22. Hi Lia,I love your work – and specially your fantastic colors – so much to explore in your paintings!


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