One to Watch: Erqi Luo

Erqi Luo working in the studio

Erqi Luo‘s first degree was in painting and in his collage series Shape of Picture he uses paper cuts and remnants in a painterly way, transforming discarded scraps of color and form into exquisitely made abstract collages. What he describes as the “less important portion” or “the missing piece” become in these works the “leading actor.”

Erqi Luo studied at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Besançon, France, and has had many solo shows in China and France, as well as participating in numerous group shows.

Erqi Luo in his studio
Erqi Luo in his studio.
Close up Erqi Luo's studio
Close-up of Erqi Luo’s work.
Wall of studio
Wall of studio
Recent Exhibition of Works
 Recent exhibition of Erqi’s work.

 Check out Erqi Luo‘s work for sale on Saatchi Online:

Shape of Picture No.33
Shape of Picture No.13

Shape of Picture No. 13

Shape of Picture No.14

Shape of Picture No. 14

Shape of Picture No.24

Shape of Picture No. 24


  1. Sharon Brill says:

    Beautiful works !!!!

    I love your colors and ideas in all of your works and I hope you will succeed .

    congratulations for this interview (:


  2. Pamela Gatens says:

    Your work has a dynamic, graphic statement that is just beautiful!

  3. susana says:

    Very original and suggestive works. Congratulations.

  4. so interesting thanks for your vision


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