One to Watch: Glenn Kennedy

Glenn in his studio

Glenn Kennedy in his studio. 

One of four finalists in the 2013 New Sensations Prize (his paintings sold out at the week-long exhibition), Glenn Kennedy is a child of the supposed “peace” of Northern Ireland, and his paintings are deeply informed by this period and the resurgence of conflict in the country where he grew up. Aesthetically, he is interested in disorder which is manifest in his paintings in which images from different contexts are collaged together to create new alternative narratives.

Watch Glenn talk about his work and what inspires him in this New Sensations video.
Glenn in his studio1
Glenn Kennedy in his studio.
Glenn Kennedy’s works at New Sensations 2013 in London
Glenn Kennedy’s works at New Sensations 2013 in London.


Check out Glenn Kennedy‘s work for sale on Saatchi Online:

This Could Be Golden

“This Could Be Golden”

To A Generation's Horror (Omagh 1998)

“To A Generation’s Horror (Omagh 1998) “

Disgruntled Youths March On

“Disgruntled Youths March On”

We Built This House Just To Burn It Down

“We Built This House Just To Burn It Down”


  1. niki hare says:

    much respect, awesome work with knife bite twist. pissed off with myself in that I made it to the NS show but think I drunk to much free vodka and it was all a mush, didnt actually see your work (or remember seeing). BiG congrats anyways, So coooooL :-) )))))

  2. Great art!! The spark of AWARENESS about HIMANITY in it (art with heart instead of just the glam “buy me” clones) together with the technical qualities!

  3. brian tisley says:

    liked” youths march on” believe just to old to take same art on today

  4. Nice work. Would be a consideration to work much larger for a less “intimate” relationship and push the direction to a more confrontational aspect since the images themselves are trying to do just that. Keep going!

  5. John & Ann Mann says:

    We had a ‘Geoff duke’ at your Art work today, We both thought that it was excellent and represented our wee Country very well, Keep up the good work.
    Look forward to catching up with you when you are home again,


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