One to Watch: Carmen Cruzat

Each week, we showcase an emerging artist from around the world who is already garnering attention for their work. Taking inspiration from Charles Saatchi’s 25-year history of discovering new talent, ‘One To Watch’ presents some of the most exciting artists on Saatchi Online helping collectors to identify strong emerging talent.

This week’s One to Watch featured artist is Carmen Cruzat

Carmen Cruzat is a Chilean artist based in Santiago. She was born in 1987 and studied at the Universidad Catolica in Chile and her interest in printmaking also led her to study at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. Through collage, she brings together 19th-century photographs and the world of her own imagination to create surrealistic new artworks. Discarded portraits of people with unknown pasts are given a new life through these suggestive images which invite us to project our own imagined narratives onto them. As well as working with old photographs, she uses antique textiles which she hand sews with buttons and lace, paper and watercolor. She has an upcoming solo show at Casa Lo Matta in Santiago.

Discover the works of Carmen Cruzat

Carmen Cruzat in her studio:

“Photocollage” ($800), ”N.H. Reed, Pontiac, Illinois.” ($700), “Photocollage” ($800)

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  1. I made an effort to try and understand mrs. Cruzat’s artwork, but the beauty of her workspace kept grabbind my attention. I kept staring at the photos of her desk for a good while, admiring their vintage-ish beauty.

  2. Jill Richards says:

    Reminiscent of Maurizio Anzeri.

  3. sheila windsor says:

    Interesting, intriguing and lovely on all levels. For me, very different in sensibility and energetic from Maurizio Anzeri’s work (which I also admire) almost juxtaposed to his in their gentle quietness, their stillness (even where movement is depicted).


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