One to Watch: Hanna Ilczyszyn

Each week, we showcase an emerging artist from around the world who is already garnering attention for their work. Taking inspiration from Charles Saatchi’s 25-year history of discovering new talent, ‘One To Watch’ presents some of the most exciting artists on Saatchi Online helping collectors to identify strong emerging talent.

This week’s One to Watch featured artist is Hanna Ilczyszyn

Hanna Ilczyszyn is a young Polish painter living in Belgium. She was an MFA student at Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Gent, Belgium, and previously studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. She has been exhibiting her work at many group shows in Belgium and Poland, and has been selling her work to collectors around the world. Her evocative paintings capturing the innocence and uncertainties of childhood range in price from $500 to $1200.

Discover the works of Hanna Ilczyszyn

Hanna Ilczyszyn in her studio:

Installation shot of Hanna Ilczyszyn’s paintings:

“Girl” ($1,100) Teddy” ($700)

Check out all the works in Hanna Ilczyszn’s portfolio



  1. A. Feriel says:

    Hello, I am a beginner painter and drawer. I am interessted in joing any group or association about painting.
    I have seen your pantings, they are amazing!
    thanks !

  2. refreshing,exciting and very interesting artwork,all the very best,geoff..

  3. Good evening ….
    (Art is oxygen life, colors and lines and strings are the waves and the artist is an ambassador of peace and love and beauty) greetings to all innovators in science because our world is in need of every pen and each feather and each distinguished because the relationship between artists should be like colors, although different gives us integration panel enjoyed its beauty and the integration … greetings to you beautiful artwork ….

  4. Judith says:

    Sassi said “Art is Oxygen Life, colors and lines and strings are the waves and the artist is an ambassador…”

    I love that. The works here I could look at all day.

    I am an artist but nowhere near the quality of work on this site.

    I love all your works. Thanks!

  5. Penny Otwell says:

    I love this work! Original and touched me, this childhood theme.

  6. Really emotive work, powerful artwork

  7. Nikki Roszko says:

    I love the Karen Klimnikness of this work–the faceless girl, the things that go bump in the night. It’s very primordial.

  8. sheila windsor says:

    the inner child. (every)one only can relate. so imaginatively rendered.


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