One to Watch: Stephen Thorpe

Each week, we showcase an emerging artist from around the world who is already garnering attention for their work. Taking inspiration from Charles Saatchi’s 25-year history of discovering new talent, ‘One To Watch’ presents some of the most exciting artists on Saatchi Online helping collectors to identify strong emerging talent.

This week’s One to Watch featured artist is Stephen Thorpe.

Stephen Thorpe was born in Margate, UK in 1981, and graduated in 2010 from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen with a First Class Honours degree in Painting.

Upon graduating, he received the Alexandrina McKenzie Legacy and the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) New Contemporaries Award. At the New Contemporaries 2011 exhibition he was awarded the (RSA) Sir William Gillies Bequest and the (RSA) The Skinny Award.

His work begins with the intention of representing space, drawing on childhood memories and places to create an array of visual imagery, acting as mirrors designed to unsettle one’s own sense of perceived reality.

Stephen was the winner of our Places and Spaces Showdown, and has just won a place to do an MA at London’s Royal College of Art. Congratulations!

“False Histories and confusions of Time 1886″ ($20,000) Winner of Places and Spaces Showdown

Installations of Stephen Thorpe’s work:

This piece, “Deviant Boson”, ($4,000), is currently displayed at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

“The Phenomenlogy of Roundness” ($3,250)

Check out all the work in Stephen Thorpe’s portfolio



  1. AMAZING WORK! Amazing artist!
    Lovely to watch and get around those spaces, amplifying my own mindworld.

    Thanx and best for you, Stephen Thorpe. U just won a pass to my very strict list of loved ones hahaha.
    Cheers and keep us mind-posted, please!

  2. Gareth Eccles says:

    im sure this guys been featured before
    i seem to remember how some people
    made comment on how good looking
    they thought he was
    maybe im mistaken – i wish him all the best
    im sure the work he produces if well worth
    the price its for sale
    i shall keep on watching

  3. Hans W says:

    good luck from here as well
    yours truly

  4. Lionel Playford says:

    The phrase ‘Tour de force’ comes to mind when I look at these. I’ll bet they look a million dollars in a downtown Manhattan gallery. Love the edges but they look kind of fragile! How are they protected in transit?

    • Nonattenda says:

      What’s the price?

      • hi ! my names andrew says:

        no doubting the quality of most of the work
        deemed worthy of hightlight here at saatchi online
        but some people may think
        the bigger art
        is that the only art deemed worthy of highlight
        here at saatchi online
        is the art for sale

  5. read it again says:





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