One to Watch: Zena Holloway (UK)


Zena Holloway has worked as an underwater photographer in London since 1995 when she returned to the UK after 3 years abroad as a SCUBA instructor and underwater videographer. Born in 1973, Zena, the daughter of an airline pilot, wanted to work underwater behind a camera from the age of 18. Completely self-taught, she combines the highly technical aspects of underwater photography with extraordinary magical imagery. Zena’s work appears regularly in publications such as the Financial Times, GQ, Observer Magazine, 125, Tatler and Dazed & Confused. She has won many international awards and her clients include Fabergé, Kylie Minogue, Nike, Umbro, Sony, National Geographic and Jacuzzi. Zena has expanded the concept of underwater photography and taken it to new depths.

The artist photographing underwater.

The artist at work.

The artist’s work installed at the Trump Hotel in Toronto.

The artist’s work.

Check out Zena Holloway’s works for sale on Saatchi Art: 

“Touching the Void”

“Scattered 2”

“Angel 5″



  1. michel lentz says:

    love your angel …

  2. Amazing work, I’m loving how awesome photography and digital art is now. You maybe interested in the work of a great New Zealand artist and film maker Vincent Ward he recently did an awesome exhibition of under water photography with digital, painting and instillation combined. He directed the movie What Dreams May Come and some of the instillation had that feel. It is amazing how fantastically well combinations work together to create quite a powerful connection to the emotional. He was invited to bring the exhibition overseas ( can’t remember where exactly) but being a rugby country N.Z not much much funding for artists, he turned to Kick Starter to pay to take the exhibition oversea, well he didn’t make quite enough which is a shame as he and the show would blow everyone away.

  3. David Heger says:

    I am glad that just You was chosen for One to Watch show, because I love your photographs. They are full of full of mysticism and very precise.

  4. Saqib Akhtar says:

    Its really inspirational and a hard work to do this kind of job, but result is more fantastic, fairy land …. it’s another world…… I really impressed….

  5. SAMY says:

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  6. Dana Gardner -Clark says:

    Ethereal stuff.


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