One to Watch: Shaina Craft

Shaina Craft graduated with a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011 and currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Although she primarily works with oil paint, Shaina utilizes various techniques and mediums to create her translucent works celebrating the human form. Starting in fall 2013, she will be attending the New York Academy of Art to earn her MFA in painting. Her work has been showcased throughout the East Coast of the United States including exhibitions in New York City and Philadelphia.

Shaina working in her Philadelphia studio:

Close up of the artwork “Landscape Experiment 03″ ($2,900) in her studio

A selection of Shaina Craft’s artworks available on Saatchi Online:

“Experiment 167″ ($2,900)

“Flesh Experiment 120″ ($1,460)

“Landscape Experiment 2″ ($2,900)

“Experiment 149″ ($2,900)


  1. huang zhiqiong says:

    Really like your paintings

  2. Wow! I have never seen anything like the effect your work actually has on my eyes before. What a freaky funky effect, I do feel like I need 3.D glasses on, now that would be something else again.. Amazing work, all the best, cheers Kate *

  3. MARIA BRINK says:

    shaina is great , i love her work, she should exhibit in chitwas gallery , her form, the posture, the exposure of form, so beastly, so wild ….. so aggressive . just like in nature , the survival , the full body , the healthy , the volupsuos , the full…

  4. Preshita Shah Gupta says:

    Very layered work!!! Amazing to see such depth and imagination….Keep up the great work!!!

  5. A great way to see the world. What depth!

  6. Your work is Amazing, the shapes curves depth and colour you have aa very imagination. all the best.

  7. Dan fenning says:

    Your drafting is excellent. As for content of idea, I would like to know more about what the “experiment” is.

  8. skye taylor says:

    I love your work. Very imaginative and original! Awesome! :)

  9. .Akin Ajibade says:

    What an exciting body of work. There is a great sense of illusion and a well-twisted but definite imagery with interesting layering. Thank you Shaina….

  10. Inspired by your work , amazingly talented , keep experimenting .

  11. Wendy says:

    I can’t help but feel you ripped off a friend of mine, since you graduated from art school in 2011. He was an illustrator and graphic artist until he had aneurysm in his late 30s which left him with double vision. He has been doing this art since 2010. Maybe you came across his website or saw his segment on NH Chronicles… It’s nice work, but not original!


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