Congratulations To Our Bright Lights, Big City Showdown Winner! Check Out The Top 10

We are happy to announce the winner of our Bright Lights, Big City competition: 

Georg Redzek‘s “Casino” has earned judge Eddie Martinez’s highest rank and will be shown at the Saatchi Gallery in London, along with runner-up “Cityscape #147” by Kaloust Guedel.

Internationally-renowned artist Eddie Martinez selected these two works from the pool of 30 talented finalists, with the following comments:

“The heavy use of red is very powerful. I like the red frame as well. I really like this piece because it reminds me somewhat of a Richard Hoblock painting, whose work I have recently started looking at. There is a shape in the painting that feels like an “EYE” that brings me back and simultaneously lets me move around the painting..

In Kaloust Guedel’s painting “Cityscape #147″, I like the impasto application and the collage techniques. Actually maybe it’s more of the build up of collage that is making it look like impasto. The teal, red and black combination at the top of the work is the anchor of it all and that works well.

- Eddie Martinez

American artist & Final Round Judge

The best part? All works in the Top 10 are for sale!

Showdown Winner: “Casino” ($1,500)

Runner-Up: “Cityscape#147″ ($8,000)

Eddie Martinez’s Top 10 picks:

1st Place Winner: “Casino” ($1,500) by Georg Redzek, Serbia

2nd Place Runner-Up: “Cityscape#147″ ($8,000) by Kaloust Guedel, United States

3rd: “MY HANOI CITY” ($1,500) by Tran Tuan, Vietnam

4th: “20 Rockefeller Plaza NY NY 10020” ($2,400) by Peter Vahlefeld, Germany

5th: “Hotel centrum“ ($4.250) by Stephane Villafane, France

6th: “Mattresses and road-signs” ($950) by CK Aderem, United States

7th: “A Corner of the World” ($6,700) by Baltazar Castillo, United States

8th: “Passerby, Arrest, March” ($2,000) by Jaeyeol Han, South Korea

9th: “The Balcony” ($1,000) by Ahmet Murat Karayilan, Turkey

10th: “Fourth of July“ ($1,200) by Maurice Sapiro, United States

Thank you

Many thanks to all those who submitted entries. We were thrilled with the high quality of the more than 2,500 submissions. We also thank those who participated in the community vote during the First Round. Please continue to support your fellow artists; we are so happy to have each one of you part of the Saatchi Online community!

Stay tuned for our next Showdown!


  1. DAn Adams says:

    I really have no idea what the winning painting “Casino” has to do with the stated ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ Showdown, other than the title. The statement by the Judge on his chose confirms that. He seems to have judged it solely on it’s merits as a work of art, which I agree with, but NOT on how this work even qualifies under the stated showdown title. I have noticed this with a lot of other Showdowns & entries as well. Why not just have people download their best work & have judges pick winners WITHOUT stating a particular subject, which is not followed anyway?

    • Hermit says:

      No, I like the themed contests. There just needs to be a decent voting system in place where you don’t have to click through them all. But I have no complaints about the winners in this one.

  2. Hermit says:

    What does confuse me, though, is that the winner has already sold their work. So how will they be able to display it at the Saatchi Gallery? I think some revision of the contest rules needs doing.

    But well done to them for winning, though :)

    • Nicole Garton, Saatchi Online says:

      Hello Hermit: “Casino” sold after the close of voting and won’t be shipped to the collector until after it’s displayed at the Saatchi Gallery.

      • Hermit says:

        Ah! I see. Thanks for clearing that up :)

        Double congrats to the winner then! They win the contest and it got their painting sold. They’ve done very well indeed :) So much for those that say these contests are a waste of time!

  3. Many congrats to the winners! I’m glad to be one of the finalists. Thanks Eddie…

  4. congrats for all winner!!!!!

  5. throngkiuba says:

    congratulations to all the shortlisted artists n award winner Georg :)

  6. At least half of the runner ups are better by far than the 1 st place pic. Why does such an ordinary pic winn? I can`t wrap my artistic, well educated brain around that one.

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