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We’re frequently asked by artists about sales.  Generally  everyone has the same question – - what’s the most popular genre?  What’s the most popular style?  What’s the most popular price point?  Well the best answer is, there isn’t one.

From a 5 pound sculpture that can fit in the palm of your hand to a 500 pound installation.  From an intricate drawing to a bold, over-sized painting.  From original art starting at $100, to many multiples of that, collectors continue to discover and purchase  art online from Berlin to Buenos Aires.

After you check out these recent sales, we encourage you to check out your profile.  Is it up to date?  Do you have a bio and photo?  Have you uploaded your most recent work?   We’d certainly hate to have to tell one of our collectors that the piece they want isn’t available.



An edition of 'I found the silence" by Martin Stranka sold for $1,900.00 to a collector in Knoxville, TN.


Painting "O.R" by Howard Ross sold for $4,000.00 to a collector in Dallas, TX.


Harvest Moon by Kievan Havens sold to a collector in Charlottesville, VA for $256.00

"Folio 28" by Thomas Nitter sold for $800.00 to a collector in Melbourne, Australia


Sculpture "Streamer 2" by Frans Muhren sold for $300.00 to a collector in Austria

"Man Portrait" by Hugo Capnot sold for $500 to a collector in Los Angeles, California.

"Neuhaus", a photo-realistic drawing, by artist Andrea Jancovicova sold for $750.00 to a collector in San Diego, California

"Glitter, Ripple" by Pascale Chau-Huu sold for $750.00 to a collector in Luxembourg.

“October Moon” by artist Popi Marden sold for $14,000 to a collector in the northeast.


'Brigitte Bardot "I don't think when I make love"' by artist Alejandro Vigilante sold for $12,000 to a collector in New Jersey


  1. ROBIN says:

    why doesn’t anyone want to pay a fair
    market price for my artwork?!
    Haven’t made a sale in years!

    • I think most work is under priced on this site. I have sold eleven paintings this year but not for the price I have on my work on this site of course, a few thousand lower. But I sell a lot of my work from a gallery, people really need to see the paintings in the flesh before they will buy from your website. The exception here is the competition winners and the low prices. This is a fantastic site for seeing a huge variety of work outside of ones own environment, truly amazing. The very high price I put on my work on this site was to hope to attract a serious art collector, so far I had notice from a Nigerian scammer. This site for me is for artists to see other peoples works I don’t expect to sell my work from it.. I’m enjoying it very much, I live in New Zealand, this site brings the worlds contemporary art to me, i wish I could see them in real life that would be awesome.

      • Kate…

        From your own conclusion, sad still why it seems to you that any Nigerian would be a scammer which obviously is false.

        a few bad eggs spoil the rest…though
        The teeming population of the honest Nigerians will have to bear these insults.
        It is a nation in transition. its problems would be solved some day.
        (Every nation can be stereotyped or tagged with known negative attributes even if such are not in the extremes.)

        I don’t need to mention one or two Caucasian countries but I had been equally ripped off by some of their citizens not due to my greed and blind faith in a simple transaction.

        Good to discover saatchi to put up few works for sale since I didnt make much sales when I had a personal commercial website because of where I am domiciled, Nigeria.

        Everybody has got his own time under the sun.
        Nigeria will resolve its problems.

        We are not scammers.

      • This is May 2013, I would like to up date this message, I have my work on the Saatchi site at the same price it sells for from the galleries my work is in. I hope that with the less commission taken by the Saatchi site then the 45% taken from galleries that it will make being an artist, ( a maker of one off truly original works ) a full time job that is paid fairly. I have just started selling prints from Saatchi site ( as I have been asked for them by fans of my work) which a previous gallery I was selling from refused to take any interest in even when requested, I was told to take my original pieces of my work out of the gallery if I was going to sell prints of them. Now I am out of that gallery I can use Saatchi to make awesome fine art and canvas prints with no fuss and people who can’t afford or fit the huge originals I do in their homes can have a print and still support my work, win win. Actually I would love to have all of my sold works printed so I can have a piece of them back again for myself, I think it is very exciting. I love the fact this site does everything it can to sell original art works and prints while ultimately looking after the artist by fair commission and international open opportunity. I believe this is the way of the future, including websites and you tube insights into the artists making works. Why should a few small dealer galleries with true intentions to keep artist and art ‘ scarcity ‘, alive by shutting the door on what is true creativity, an abundance of amazing variety, they do this to keep the ‘few’ they pick and pimp around a circuit of galleries, prices up. Sounds more like a financial adviser to me, the lid is nearly off this system with the Internet, and look what financial advisers did before the crash..not to mention the publishing industry.. But have you noticed these ‘lucky few’ artists work never changes year in and year out like they are human photocopiers of themselves, like a mouse in a wheel, most of them have no passion visible left in their work. If they dare change anything the dealers can’t cope and would most probably dump them, it is a pathetic anti creative system. I am actually quoting a dealer I had a conversation with a while ago, or more like he was putting me in my place of ‘the ‘lucky few’, wont be you’. . Funny, as people who own my works tell me how lucky they feel to have them, that is what is important to me. Well I think he is a very small dinosaur ready to fall over as smart people look around and stop being sold the same art works from the tiny pond, of stagnant artists. The Internet is opening up everything for creative people and culture, it is awesome not to be bullied into pigeon holes by out of date control freaks clinging on to mean spirited business models. I think the Saatchi site is fantastic! It is an evolutionary leap, shutting the dealers and the scarcity model out… Charles Saatchi must be very proud of this site, and it seems to be flourishing as nature and variety does.

    • Frank says:

      The same here except for one issue and that is with the ART SCAMMERS who contacted me. It makes me wonder how many artist excited to make a sale have shipped work without being paid.

      • Natey freedman says:

        The problem is that the artist has usually deposited the buyers check…which in a month or so will bounce. In the meantime the artist thinks he has the money plus some for shipping and the feels safe in paying out to someone appearing to collect in advance for the shipping.

        • Frank says:

          Your experience Natey?

          • Tahala says:

            Yes I had that problem too. A $7,500 sale – or so I thought. It turned out to be an Asian scammer. Thankfully I had the sense to contact Saatchi – and Payapl – first and they both informed me he was a regular scammer accessing Saatchi artists outside of Saatchi’s system. If you’re on Saatchi and they want to buy your work – deal only through Saatchi, this way you avoid any scams. If they want to purchase at a reduced price you’re happy with – drop the price on Saatchi before they select to purchase and let Saatchi know you have done that and who they are – so if they are a scammer Saatchi can watch out for them and warn other artists re same.

  2. David Phillips says:

    I would just like to start to sell. Seems lots of folks like to look but won’t purchase?

  3. Artists create for themselves. It’s fatal to create to sell to the market. To aim for sales is just wrong, even though I understand every artist becomes frustrated.

    Yet your creating great work, if you like it then it’s enough. Later it’s the promotion that gets it somewhere, look to Hirst and Emin for such recent examples, great art and even greater promotion.

    • Rob Adams says:

      “Artists create for themselves.”

      I hear this a lot from artists. Most art in the history of mankind was created for, or at the behest of another. In the case of say the Sistine Chapel unwillingly. Historically and logically the statement seems to be untrue. I do wonder how it has come to be so unquestioningly accepted, especially amongst a group of people who might claim questioning is at the top of their agenda.

  4. GBenard says:

    I never sold any work here on Saatchi, however, most of the clients and art collectors goes to my webpage and deal with me directly, or through my art agents and galleries (which I prefer, and to whom I’m a good seller). Saatchi has been just one more place to show, maybe because there’s too much info here and tbh not much sense of what’s good-collectable-investment as art work. Saatchi online is not much selective on this, is almost becoming a flickr, loosing its credits/reputation to be more popular-commercial.

    • Rob Prince says:

      Agree wholeheartedly with your comments GB. Saatchi online seems to have lost its way. True, there’s some great work, but not much. It reminds me of the Sunday art market on London’s Bayswater Road. After a few minutes viewing the trash on sale, you start to feel a bit queasy. Not sure what the answer is, but some sense of a mind at work, some kind of tighter selection or filtering might be a start.

  5. GBenard says:

    ps – as an art collector I would never buy a painting without seeing it in my hands though. The same doesn’t happen with art-photography, as I have bought already few through art agents and directly from art photographers online.

  6. LUKE MCKEOWN says:

    Unless an artist is represented by a major gallery, sales are illusive on Saatchi for most artists. This site is really just a platform, and a good one, but it’s like playing the lottery. Make art because you have to, because it’s a part of your fibre. Still, I have stopped making art after making it for thirty years, and I feel a big part of my life is missing, but I haven’t the passion to work in the void any more. There doesn’t seem to be any critical debate on Saatchi between artists or curators, and art for me is about pushing the envelope, experimenting, and more experimenting. What is the point of making rehashes of rehashes? It seems to me, most play within a very limited field of imagination. Having said that, good luck to the many talented artists who go unnoticed.

    my website:

  7. Jack says:

    What make me hesitant about using Satchi as selling site is the fact that they play extension of Internal Revenue Service (USA) requiring any US resident to fill out W2 form. Many web sites based in US doesn’t do that but Sachi does.Mind your own business guys not mine.It makes me uneasy fact that literally starving artists are still watched over each penny they dare to earn. Plus is Great Britain independent country or just 51st US state?

    • Tahala says:

      Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that. I can understand you not liking that. Thankfully such things aren’t an issue for Aussie artists – yet.

  8. Ivan Konar says:

    I think, as other people here said, that Saatchi, is a good place to show the artist work, but it must be more selective with them, to be take seriously by collectors

  9. Saatchi on line is ONLY one venue. What they have here is of value if you participate. I see many artists here who do not wish to sell their ARTworks. Simply to show is fine, if that is what you choose to do. I have been on this site showing with the intention of also selling. I have sold from by studio, in gallery shows and on line here. Saatchi I feel is a responsible seller. I have sold three pieces while on Saatchi and everything moved along nicely from first being informed of the sale to the final payout. Their support teams are very knowledgable and were helpful throughout the process. On my own, with me simply living & painting here in Brooklyn I sold two drawings to a collector in Europe which would never have happened had I not been a member of this site. Art sales ARE elusive. We only have to think of the Life of Vincent van Gogh. Even, Theo his brother, who was in the so called ART business, had difficulty finding buyers of Vincent’s ARTworks. Today his paintings fetch millions. Such is life. Have FAITH in your ART the rest will take care of itself.

  10. I could never sell in this gallery. I sell a lot, but not here. It’s a very good oportunity to show the paintings but not to sell them. I think that the buyer finds it hard to choose between so many works. It’s not enough to provide a good website, images, portfolio, if the buyer fails to see it. Pity…

  11. colin james devine says:

    I have just joined saatchi online and am pleased i did. From what ive seen tho its a huge site and its easy to feel your work could get lost on it. it dousn,t help when as in my case there are outher artists with the same name. People have had trouble finding my work. having said that feels good to be on here hope to get some interest.

  12. I have never sold a piece on Saatchi and my work is quality work that is collectible. I stopped entering the showdown because the work I have seen make the selection is mostly lame and to be honest seems more like a popularity contest than an actual art showdown. At any rate I’ll keep my account , the layouts good and it’s easy to operate I just don’t quite get why no one buys from it, not even prints, maube it’s a trust thing perhaps, I really don’t know.

  13. MaAROSBARAN says:

    I m quite dissapointed about Saatchi website… I just feel, that it s just one giant sea without no island…

  14. I totally agree, many art schools have institutional mind set, breeding mini mes of the so called teachers. The whole system is set up to support these people, they get art grants to copy each other. True original work is ignored, or not understood in the ‘institution’ for many years when and if they ‘get it’ they own it some how…My biggest problem with art in New Zealand is that illustrators who find icons and cultural themes turning them to kitsch prints that are sold to every wont to be art collector, ‘ are calling themselves great painters….???( They become celebrity status and condescend all other artists in books). Check out this horror book for example, Its All About The Image by Dick Frizzell he trashes some of N.Z best artists and works, this is ‘the club’ going to far I think ….examples of Dicks work…Maori moko being transformed into Micky mouse, or a cute icon for an over priced grocery shop chain is big art news here….bad taste, no clue and boring in the extreme, these types of works are pumped out from the ‘elite” art schooled, along with a huge essay to explain the meaning…yawn…. Thank god I can check out real painters on this and other overseas sites.

  15. Lots of interesting comments here,It is more difficult to sell original art on line unless the client has actually seen your work in the flesh. It is however, handy for commissions when you can enter into a dialogue with your customer.

  16. Hi…I am not actually on this site at the moment…..but from what I have read and what I know…..I think too many people are chasing a dream of wanting to be famous or very successful…I think that if you go down this route then you are heading for dissapointment….paint because you have the talent that so many people I have met over the years would love to have…embrace it. I personally would be happy selling five great paintings a year!…also give some of that money to a charity of your choice…whether its saving people in the Amazon or your local cattery….you will feel great for it!…we all know the art world is not altogether about great art and as for people talking about trashy paintings…..well if a thousand people from all cultures love what you do and one person says its trash, unprofessional, lacking this or that….just remember why you did it in the first place…embrace that feeling…wholeheartedly and carry-on…you are already a success if you do this!!!!

  17. Kevin Oxley says:

    What a disappointment to read these experiences and views on Saarchionline. I just joined up. I am not after fame, just some recognition for a lifetime of dedication to painting and commitment to my art. This has come from seeing “artists” who began working 12 months ago enjoying pop-star status because someone with a vested interest has “anointed” them to the best thing since sliced bread. It seems this site only exposes the artist to those looking at art from the angle of ” what can I take from it ?” rather than “How does this speak to me and my life?” Apart from referring a collector to my website,, )and my C.V., I am reluctant to put my work on a site where other artists looking for ideas seem to be the main audience. I also expected some forum where in-depth discussions might occur, but the selling of art has over-ridden all else it seems.
    Saarchi online has a dilemma, please solve it. If Saarch’s can’t afford to be idealistic, who can?

  18. Cynthia Dickinson says:

    I think Saatchi Online as a whole is pretty decent for a venue for showing work. As a photographer, tho, I’m disappointed. Main page for the site really only supports painters…just look at the list of “Under $” and its set up for selling painting…I will continue to use the site because, as a I said, its decent for showing…

  19. Gonçalo Castelo Branco says:

    I still believe!! :)

  20. Ray Marsh says:

    I don’t know if other people have the same problem, but whenever I try to access art the Saatchi Online site is so slow. It is really frustrating. It is just so annoying. Very clunky. I think that the Showdown is a flop. The art that it produces is so boring. There’s nothing new. You’ve seen it done by a thousand other artists a thousand times before.

  21. Sally Coppard says:

    Saatchionline is free for artists -easy to use and a lot of the art on it is really interesting – I think it is a great service and this conversation is good too. Artists have always had the same problem ( for the last 200years or so) and that is original work really takes time to be digested by the general public so it is hard to sell unless you can put on a good performance (Dali, Hirst, Emmen ) or have the support of a good gallery or a network of wealthy friends.
    Even though there are hundreds of thousands? of artworks on display here there is the possibility that someone in the world might see your work – like it – even buy it. This hasn’t happened to me yet but I am an incurable optimist and have currently given up the idea of making any reasonable income from just my art. Painting is an important part of my life and always will be and I love uploading a painting and seeing it online.

  22. David Phillips says:

    I have read the comments and points raised and still I am a little ‘lost’. I am unemployed and paint for relaxation and enjoyment but I am forever being told by friends and acquaintances that I should sell my work. That I could make a decent living doing so. I am afraid that they are sadly incorrect. I do not wish to be a ‘star’ or incredibly successful. I have sold work but find that I must undervalue it to my reasoning as it is sold to the people mentioned above. Yet I visit galleries, view online and am staggered by the prices quoted for some pieces which in no way meaning to be disdainful or rude. I considerate to be awful, distasteful, amateurish and downright poor! I’ll finish with the fact that I should like to sell and become a professional artist but despair of ever achieving this.


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