Sales Highlights

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received requests from artists asking to know what has sold on Saatchi Online.  Well the short answer, LOTS.  Every month we’ll bring you a selection of works so that you can see the depth and breath of what’s being purchased.

In the past week, we’ve sold artwork from Seoul, Berlin, Beijing, Buenos Aires, The Netherlands, Mexico, Romania, London, LA, Brooklyn. On the flip side, collectors in Denmark, Australia, Iowa, Brooklyn, Vancouver, Great Britain, San Francisco and Oslo have purchased art from Saatchi Online. In no particular order, here are a few originals that have recently sold:

“Painting4″ painting by Agata Masternak for $1,500


“Looking back” bronze sculpture by Karen van Dulmen Krumpelman from the Netherlands for $395.00


“Girl in the Window” painting by Peter Matthews from Durban, KZN, South Africa for $3,500.

Check out a collection of recently sold pieces here:

Note: We are currently working on a way to indicate whether a piece of work has been sold. As it stands now, when an original has sold, we remove the price. Until we come up with a visual notification of sold work we’ll update you with similar blog posts.


  1. Durango Miller says:

    Featuring work that has sold recently from Saatchi Online, and the price paid, and the locations of the artists and collectors, is a brilliant addition to the site. It is tremendously encouraging and exciting to see what artists are creating that collectors are buying, and the great diversity of places they all are in the world. It makes Saatchi Online a whole lot more interesting place. It feels like part of the art market now.

    Durango Miller, Toronto Canada

  2. Good choices. I like them.

  3. John Forde says:

    Girl in the Window is awesome. I look forward to selling something from here also :)

  4. This will be a great psychological booster for all artists showing in Saatchi online gallery and potential buyers.

    To see art being purchased is very encouraging. It’s a kick.

    Congratulations to all who had sales.

    Thanks Saatchi

  5. What an aspiring career start for those talented artists

  6. howard mason says:

    Great move! Artists need to know that art is being sold especially in the current climate. would it be possible for prints to be printed in different locations around the world i.e. Europe, Asia so that costs of of delivery /postage could be cut. I think this would inprove sales dramatically. Just a suggestion!

  7. I think this is a good thing. Even though I have not had a sale here yet, it is nice to see a showcase of the works that have been recently purchased. This way other artists will be able to complement the artists that have had the sales. Great idea. Bravo!

  8. I make etchings and there is a lot of “original” until 100… I have sold some etchings and what I want to ask is it necessary to send etching (print on paper) with UBS… it’s very expensive for the customer…

  9. tom irizarry says:

    I am of course thankful for being a member here, however as a mature artist I’d like more specific information about your sales.

    “Lots” doesn’t really tell us very much and posting “a few” sold objects doesn’t help either.

    Could you be more specific – how many paintings are sold in a given month?
    Could you post 50 or more of them?
    That would give more credibility to your site.

    Thank you.

  10. elizabeth hoeveler says:

    I agree with Tom Irizarry – I’d like to see
    more examples and more explicit numbers.
    Thanks, Elizabeth

  11. Dan Deming says:

    Thank you. After Ebay this is the first site to admit they sold Art and for how much. This is vital data for Artist otherwise it is just a crap shoot.
    I would like to see all of the Art sales each month.

    With that trends could be found out by the Artist.

  12. Aliya B says:

    HI there! I uploaded my artworks on this website some time ago but I never saw a respond or any queries coming from collectors. I know it can take some time, perhaps my artworks are not appropriate here. But it would be more encouraging for other artists to know what are the trends and what people tend to buy and for how much.
    Thank you


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