Surreal Showdown How To’s

Saatchi Online Artists:

Each Showdown we receive hundreds of emails asking how to participate.  We’ve compiled a step-by-step checklist to expedite the submission process.  Please give yourself plenty of time, it takes at least 24-48 hours for your ID to be verified if you’ve never sold with us before. (Note: All work submitted to Showdown must be for sale as an original and/or a print).

We look forward to your participation.

1.       To submit a new image that is NOT currently part of your portfolio, go to

To submit an existing work that is already part of your portfolio, please go to

Note: Only 1 submission per artist.  Must be a piece that has not been submitted to Showdown or another Saatchi competition before.

2.       To submit a work to the Surreal Showdown your work must be categorized under the SURREAL STYLE.  It can be any medium or subject.

3.       The image size and quality must meet our minimum standards.  If you are unsure about the standard please refer to:

4.       The art has to be marked for sale, either as a print or as an original. Should you win 1st or 2nd, the original must be available for display at the Saatchi Gallery, London.

5. In order to sell on Saatchi Online, you will need to upload a government issued photo ID so that we can verify your identity. It takes at least 24-48 hours for your ID to be verified. To upload an ID, click here

Thank you for being part of the Saatchi Online community.  Good luck.

The Saatchi Online Team


  1. Fiona O'Farrell says:

    Is this competition open to photography?

  2. Bayan says:

    you minimize the distance….. make our world bigger place to talk art

  3. formacolor says:

    I have a problem with price: your highest price is 30 000 USD
    the work I do want submit for showdown (“Sous Le Soleil Du Pouvoir” or under Sun Of Pwer, oil on canvas 55 x 33 cm, belonging to Série Manifest “For EXTREM ART/ GAST’ART” Parsi Saint Germain 2000) is 1 000 000 euros ?
    Whhat can I do ?

  4. solomon laurentiu mihail says:

    cari amici buongiorno!!!…,
    sono laurentiu mihail solomon – sculptor si prezint aici
    – SE POT TRIMITE MAI MULTE FOTOGRAFII ALE ACELEASI LUCRARI??? fiind vorba de sculptura(deci volume,lumini,ipostaze diverse)
    – sau exact cum am facut eu
    O SINGURA FOTTO COLAGES CU 5 FOTOGRAFII(in cazul meu)???!!!….
    -in mod sigur pentru sculptura(dupa parerea mea), ar trebui sa stiti sa revelati solutia ideala(in conformitate cu standardele dumneavoastra)

    va multumesc anticipat,
    cu stima , laurentiu mihail solomon

  5. Please advise possibility transfer of work from COLLECTIONS to SHOWDOWN and procedure to do so if acceptable.
    In this present case, work entitled: Phantasy.Thank you.

  6. Marco Lugli says:


    I try to submit my artworks photos from my portfolio but the browser is always “waiting”. I tried many times in the past days but the result is always the same: the browser show my a “loading” symbol but doesn’t give me any further feedback.
    I’m OK with the ID and my photos are marked for sale.

    Any suggestions ?

  7. Estela Balmaseda says:

    I would like to know until what day It would be possible to submit my picture.
    Thank you!!

  8. Sima says:

    I like to add my ID Driving number , but there was no box to fill out for that information.

  9. fishing reel
    so really


    when you know the winner?

  11. valentina says:

    Dear Saatchi’s team… I’m trying to upload my work in the surrealism showdown: I write all the correct dates but the response continues to be : “Oops, you’ve reached this page in error.”
    It is just a problem of your server? What can I do to partecipate to the showdown?

  12. Carol Reid White says:

    Personal/Artist’s Statement: Are there guildelines for this? Word count?

  13. gab- says:

    i’m trying to upload my work but at the end the result is always the same:

    “Oops, you’ve reached this page in error.

    Please select an option from the menu above.”

  14. Is the competition open to film?

  15. IF one submits the work and it must be marked for sale on Saatchi, I am agreeable to this IF I am not subject to U.S. Taxation Laws and/or regarded as an ‘ Employee ‘ of Saatchi but an independent artist – contracted to sell works through the Gallery ( via the U.K. ) and that the further publishing of my image is only to be done in accordance with a ‘ limited’ use for this Competition only and not a wider remit as outlined in the ‘ use’ of images by third party software as Printerest, which I am NOT agreeable to as I do NOT use the software and am not bound by it’s terms. In that I retain all rights and veto as a Contractee with sole ownership of image rights.

    Please answer fully and share this question.

    Thank you

    Can you confirm that this will not be the case

  16. Nadere Hakimelahi says:

    I would like to participate but i forgot my password and when i want to reset it i resive the massage: oops you reached an error on this page what should i do?

  17. Fabrizio says:

    me sale lo mismo que a Nadere

  18. ayad celebi says:

    I would like to know until what day It would be possible to send my picture.
    Thank you!!

  19. ayad celebi says:

    i’m trying many time to upload my work but at the end i have this answer

    “Oops, you’ve reached this page in error.
    what can i do…

  20. Maha Ahmed says:

    I have been trying to upload my image for more than 5 hours now and it keeps saying “Oops, you’ve reached this page in error”.
    What am I supposed to do?
    Am I doing something wrong?


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