This Week: Here’s to You Mrs. Robinson

This week, as everyone is bombarded with Back-to-School messages, we were reminded of a more evocative education, the education of Benjamin Braddock (aka Dustin Hoffman) by Mrs. Robinson (aka Anne Bancroft)
in the cult classic movie, The Graduate. This weeks two collections, “The Graduate by Mike Nichols” and “Cinematone” we were inspired by all things cinematic and 60’s.

The Graduate is the perfect metaphor for the transition from glamorous cocktail culture to the Simon & Garfunkel flower children of the late 60’s. This era was the inspiration behind David Hockney’s iconic pool paintings, Wes Anderson’s stylized films and the retro-architectural artwork of William Leavitt. So with the arsenal of inspiration ranging from tropical houseplants, cigarette holders, modern bungalows and of course, pools, you can create your own swinging bachelor pad, add a hint of retro to your den or spruce up the wet bar.

In the “Cinematone” collection we were inspired by the edgy high contrast black and white photography of the
late 50’s and early 60’s. This collection is the perfect compliment to The Graduate collection, capturing our Mrs. Robinson in her prime. In addition to the lovely Anne Brancroft, when we gathered this collection we though of
the French Nouvelle Vague: TruffautGodard and the many emotional looks of Anna Karina. Not to mention
Diane Arbus’ sharp eye for composition and penetrating glance into the culture.

So get ready to start your own love affair with these iconic images of an unmistakable era.


Walking Wild
by Thomas Saliot
Original: $2,700 



David’s Pool
by Rene Bui
Prints Starting At: $33.00




by Sebastian Rudko
Prints Starting At: $57.00


by Jerry Sequin
Prints Starting At: $55.00



The Persian Legend Actor
by Mohsen Haj Manouchehri
Prints Starting At: $105.00


by Jean-Francois Dupuis
Prints Starting At: $33.00

by Paul Powici
Prints Starting At: $35.00 


A Survival Tarp
by Michael Northrup
Original: $1,500



  1. John Rula says:

    I like the ladder and Hockney of coarse…peace

    • Elton says:

      I love the Monaluna’s Aika range. I esp like the Polka and Geo dot plus the Hens also love the blossom and swisedh forest designs. These designs would make a small baby cot quilt made of small squares Lovely !


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