Top 30 Abstract Showdown Submissions Selected For Final Round

For those of you have been following the Saatchi Online Abstract Showdown, the second phase of judging has wrapped up. Thirty submissions have been selected by Rebecca Wilson, Director of the Saatchi Gallery in London and Nina Miall, Director of the Haunch of Venison Gallery in London, to move on to the final round of judging.

Love abstract art as much as we do? Now is your chance to SHOP SHOWDOWN.  Check out the thirty works personally selected top curators.

The final round will be judged by internationally acclaimed artist Peter Coffin.  He will select a first and second place both of which will go on to be displayed in Saatchi Gallery, London. You could be purchasing a Saatchi Gallery art piece!

We have had a great time looking through all the submissions and are equally excited to find out who will win.  Be sure to check out the finalists and check back for the winners.

Click Here To See Entire Selection.



  1. paul says:

    please say us the link to see the selected work
    thank you

  2. john rula says:

    WOW talk about being sadly disappointed, I personally voted on over ” 350″ pcs and not ONE of them made it in to last 30. I am stunned and dismayed , after painting ABSTRACT for 30 plus years I find the selection to be Gimmicky and far from Abstract….too each their own I guess. I have talked to alot of my fellow artists and they feel the same, there were SO MANY AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL pc’s and this is what they came up with…I just don’t get it……

  3. Gerard Carruthers says:

    Totally agree with you John ,i have never seen such a sub standard 30 works.Myself and a lot of my friends are shocked and feel a little bit insulted by this collection.3330 artworks and these are the best they can come up with? examples a piece of fur with a v shaped cut?? – paper pinned to a wall and cut with a blade-a black piece of paper with holes-wood blocks stuck to a board??-more paper streamers hanging from a ceiling?a collection of average postcard pictures?.Saatchi people what are you thinking? no more contests for me its a joke? Saatchi is still a great website and there is ONE good artwork in the final a drawing called 24 by an Italian artist.Give him the prize and get this one over with.

    • john rula says:

      Thanks Gerard, I just looked over the finalists again to see if I was over reacting but the same feeling of profound disappointment washed over me….I find it hard to fathom. With all the AMAZING works I had to vote on and somehow this is what was voted for..breaks my heart. I wish Saatchi would keep the other 3300 pc’s up so people could see what we are ranting about…peace

  4. Gerard Carruthers says:

    And I forgot to mention the CD RACK In the final its called TREE #7 ??

  5. mario gruhn says:

    two 5′s of me are in. i have to meditate hard now, about the implications of that fact to my position in the world of art and the world per se.

  6. aesha says:

    Where are the 30 finalists. There are only 8 showing plus the 2 winners.

  7. charlie tomorrow says:

    in reality,I don’t care… but at the same time,I can not believe it…
    this are the winners????…this things are made million times in every
    variation…this is saatchi????

  8. Dan says:

    Glad to see Peter Coffin is making the final choices. His work is simply amazing and although out of my price league I do love his take on modern and contemporary art.


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