Whitney McVeigh Debuts in New York

Congratulations to Whitney McVeigh whose first solo show in New York opened at David Krut Projects on 27 October 2011. Presenting a select survey of works on paper made over the last ten years, this exhibition examines McVeigh’s inexhaustible experimentation with drawing stripped down to its essentials: black ink on paper.

Through the use of black ink-a material capable of creating or obliterating form-McVeigh’s work operates inside and outside of representation. Vibrating between abstraction and figuration, her use of ink on paper explores the emotive, psychological mark. These marks often take on a figurative familiarity, yet the unique qualities of McVeigh’s forms make them feel strangely foreign; they are indeed, shapes without a name.

McVeigh’s studio practice embraces a combination of both chance and intention. The large-scale ink drawings featured in this exhibition highlight McVeigh’s intuitive application of ink, followed by her conscious response to how the ink absorbs into paper. Expanding upon this use of automatic marks, McVeigh’s recent drawings begin by applying water first to the paper’s surface and then adding ink, activating the physical properties of absorption and evaporation to determine the quality of the final mark. Driven by elements of surprise, McVeigh’s work enters a conversation about control: the control of the unruly ink’s movement, and the complete relinquishment of control. These drawings become records of this physical and intuitive dialogue between McVeigh and her materials.

Click here to see more of McVeigh’s work on her Saatchi Online page.

Whitney McVeigh
October 27 – December 17, 2011
David Krut Projects
New York

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    Great article, I like her portraits,interesting to see the development through the years


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