Best in Show: A Fetching Update to an Age-Old Tradition

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Everyone knows the old adage that dog is man’s best friend. Usually here at Saatchi Online, we’re all about espousing what’s new and undiscovered, but as we’re also dog lovers, this is one time-honored sentiment we can get behind wholeheartedly. It seems as though many of our artists agree, based on the tremendous number of works featuring dogs on our site. We couldn’t resist presenting a sampling of these in Best In Show, our specially-curated collection.

A few selections from Best in Show:

The widespread enthusiasm for dogs has figured prominently in the artwork of countless civilizations, beginning with prehistoric cave paintings and culminating in what’s largely considered the golden age of dog art – 18th-century Britain, when wealthy patrons commissioned artists such as George Stubbs and Thomas Gainsborough to immortalise their hunting hounds and lap dogs.

In more recent years there has been little let-up in the portrayal of man’s best friend in art, with the instantly-recognizable Weimaraners of William Wegman, the Blue Dogs of George Rodrigue, and Jeff Koons’ candy-colored, larger-than-life balloon dog, among others.

It would appear that the story of the dog is an inexhaustible one, and we’re delighted to share the new tricks our artists have come up with for this “old dog” of a subject.

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  1. Underdog says:

    Wow wow !

  2. herbert highchair says:


    dog there
    tiny titch
    mouthy sort
    barks at other dogs
    bigger dogs
    much bigger dogs
    confident thing
    or maybe
    its deeper than that
    it was with philip
    philip parker
    deaf to the laughter
    he honestly believed it


    arts a thing isnt it




  3. Karl Sabre says:

    How Dogs and Men Are Alike

    1. Both take up too much space on the bed.

    2. Both have irrational fears about the vacuum cleaner.

    3. Both are threatened by their own kind.

    4. Neither understands what you see in cats.

    5. Both want dominance.

    6. Both do dishes by licking them clean.

    7. Both chase cars.

    8. The larger ones tend to drool.

    9. The smaller ones tend to be more nervous.

  4. 11 bottles of egg says:


    barry watched a film
    on his big screen box
    man got shot dead
    twice in the head
    barry buzzed a bit
    but ran out of smokes
    so ran over to the shop
    to buy some smokes
    barry bought some smokes
    left the shop
    watched a dog
    run out on the road
    got hit by a car
    ran over its head
    dogs dead
    barrys in trauma




  5. mme thinkwell says:

    ‘I see red’
    the cat

  6. such a pretty boy says:


    helen was a friend
    a new friend
    we met at work
    she knew my mother
    my mother was a nurse
    a maternity nurse
    she was present at helens birth
    helen was married to jim
    jim worked overseas
    they had a 12 year old son
    it was a works christmas party
    helen couldnt find a taxi
    i walked her home
    it was cold
    i gave her my coat
    and scarf
    we got back to her house
    danny was still up
    playing computer games
    she invited me in
    for coffee
    i didnt fancy it
    she asked me to fuck her
    i said no
    she never spoke to me again
    not even when my mother died



    • byedaway says:

      if this
      is a test
      by you
      let me say
      they all
      are two

      • people like pictures says:


        its what she does
        its what she is
        could be
        any town
        any time
        early monday
        manchester morning
        where did she come from
        how did she get there

        2 x 2 = 4

        4 x 4 = 16

        looks older
        much older

        but she’s not


  7. cazndogz says:


    pretty boy
    good to know
    theres a Barry
    at his side




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