Before & After #2: Live with Art

Everyone loves a good Before & After, us included, so we decided to take our “View in a Room” feature one step further by actually presenting a real room with Saatchi Online artwork on its walls.

We think the results speak for themselves. Witness a room transform right before your eyes, with one simple yet crucial element—art! See the photos below.

Want to achieve a similar effect in your own space but are unsure where to start? Take advantage of our Art Advisory service. Our team of curators can help you buy art with confidence, whether you’re looking for one statement piece or an entire wall of art.

Live with art—it makes all the difference!

Browse more art by Sandy Dooley (picture above) here

“Fresh Morning” ($1,500) is an painting by UK artist Sandy Dooley. Her vibrant impressionist landscape paintings make the viewer feel transported to the familiar sights and visual opulence of nature. Browse her portfolio and bring this sensation right into your home, livening up your living space with subtle color and splendor.

Browse more art by Héloïse Delègue (pictured above) here

“Eros et Psyché” ($2,300) is a painting by up-and-coming French artist Héloïse Delègue, one of our One-to-Watch artists. Click here to discover all of these young talents on the rise.

Browse more art by Jennifer Gabbay (pictured above) here

This oil painting, “A Tree Stirs and the Curtain Draws Back” ($3,800), is by Australian artist Jennifer Gabbay. Another of Jennifer’s paintings “The Inner Side of Nature is Reviving” was among the top 30 selections in Saatchi Online’s In Living Color Showdown competition. Jennifer was also featured in our From the Studio Of series; click here to see photos of her studio and to learn about what inspires her work.

Browse more art by Claire Desjardins (pictured above) here

This work entitled “In the Embers” ($4,320) is by Canadian artist Claire Desjardins, whose studio we also recently visited. Read her interview to learn more about her creative process and to see photos of her Montreal studio.

Browse more art by Eka Peradze (pictured above) here

“Free Love” ($4,500) is an oil painting by Georgian artist Eka Peradze. This piece is one of her many trompe l’oeil paintings, which play with visual tricks. Browse her portfolio to discover more artwork in her distinctive style.

Tell us below in the comments section which room you like best!

Get expert advice from our curators on artwork for your home here.


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  1. sanho park says:

    I so love this idea of before and after. I visited Saatchi gallery while I stayed in London and I liked it, however, I like this online gallery even more!

  2. Jennifer Croom says:

    What a great idea! Really shows art’s contribution to a room for living in.

  3. Very nice!
    Maybe you should put some shadow effect over canvases to gain 3D effect. The first one with the flowers looks more like window than the painting… 😉

  4. Ines Vilalva says:

    I love the first one by Sandy Dooley! I\

  5. Ines Vilalva says:

    I love the first one by Sandy Dooley! It kind of blends with the space and brings a joy and feminin feeling to it!
    I also think the second one, from Héloïse Delègue, looks very nice as wel, for a stronger ethnic / organic kind of look!

  6. DDoucet says:

    Love the before and afters! I think the last 3 are amazing for this space.

  7. dcorc says:

    love it!! where are the tables and benches from?

  8. Michal says:

    Impressive vision… It shows how art can make the difference.

  9. A house without art is cold and empty. Good idea.!!

  10. Alève Mine says:

    Fun but a game that doesn’t feel quite right here. How about furniture proposals with each work displayed at Tate Modern instead? That’s better.

  11. It really makes a difference!!!!!!

  12. So very true, art is like food food soul, Free Love is good, maybe some toned down works also , matching color scheme, would have been better to blend with the serenity of the place, all depends upon the buyer’s individual preferences, , loved your choice though.
    Thanks for this great idea.

  13. Since I am obsessed with colours I prefere Claire Desjardins vivid work above the tidy and calm table. In real life it can get little nervous if the table gets messy:)

  14. This feature could very well be a fresh “view original in a room” mode on the saatchi art platform….please consider

  15. The second is the most interesting; The colors in the art pick up and play off of the rustic wood of the table. It’s a very calming effect while still being extremely interesting. The furniture disappears and your focus is drawn to the art!

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