Live: Pawel Althamer And Jude Law At Borough Market, London, Friday 30 November


At London’s Borough Market on Friday 30 November at 11.30am you could find yourself queuing for vegetables behind actor Jude Law. Law will be at the food market re-enacting the role he played in a trailer for a film, part of a project conceived by the Polish artist Pawel Althamer. The trailer for the film has been directed by Jason Martin, best known for The Producers, and has been screening across London’s cinemas. In a typically Althamer-like way, though, it turns out that the trailer is for a film that doesn’t exist. Click here to watch the trailer.

As part of Althamer’s ongoing exploration of the blurring of art/artifice and real life, the film, entitled ‘The Realtime Movie Trailer’, stars Jude Law, one of the most famous actors in the world, but it also appears to feature a host of other unknown characters – but are they actors or real people? We never quite know.

‘The Realtime Movie Trailer’ has been created to coincide in with ‘The World As A Stage’, which is at Tate Modern until 1 January 2008. The exhibition’s curator Jessica Morgan points out that the confusion between real life and art is precisely the point of the film and the show. “Instead of advertising a film, it’s advertising a moment in time,” she explained. “People will turn up expecting to see something happen, but all they’ll see is real life.”

‘The Realtime Movie Trailer’
Borough Market
London SE1
30 November 2007

The World as a Stage
Until 1 January 2008
Tate Modern

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