Sandra Blow, 1925-2006

News of artist Sandra Blow’s death was reported last week in The Guardian but went largely unnoticed by the online arts press. Considered to be one of the most significant British painters of the last fifty years and known for her unshaking commitment to abstract art, her memory was honoured through two wonderful obituaries in the newspaper, by Michael McNay and John McLean, both of whom knew Blow personally and share remarkable anecdotes about her shaping as an artist and influence on her times.

From John McLean‘s tribute:
‘True colourists are rarer than we think. Sandra could make hues resonate just as much as, say, Matisse and Miró. And I felt she should be put on that level before I heard she had died, so there is nothing sentimental about my assertion. We know how hard it is to explain what makes a colourist. Subtlety, of course, comes into it: the fine discrimination you see in Titian or Veronese. If that is too vague, then a crucial gift is the ability to modulate colour with such cunning that a sense of astonishment is part of the joy of the painting.’

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