Juan Fontanive At Riflemaker, London



‘I like to make things that dance…’ Juan Fontanive

Juan Fontanive’s debut exhibition at Riflemaker consisted of a room of ‘paper films'; mechanical flipbooks housed in tin cannisters reminiscent of an ammunitions factory clock or a 16mm cinema projector. These small modules, spools of paper attached to the wall or suspended on thin stalk-like legs, delivered a form of animated storytelling using revolving hand-drawn leaves of card and flickering super 8 film.

An example of ‘film without using light’ as a projection source, the ‘film’ itself happens and exists inside of its own slightly cranky mechanism.

For ‘Tin-Tan’, Fontanive (b.1977 Cleveland, Ohio) has expanded both the physical scale and the illusionary aspect of the machines. The themes remain the same, sequential repetition of motion linked by a supposed and imagined narrative. The machines create natural ‘shadows’ and also have a uniquely comforting sound as the pages of paper or metal fall much like the turn of the film-sprocket of a hand-turned camera. There is both comfort and an element of nostalgia in the resulting combination of both the rhythmic visual and sonic image.

79 Beak Street
London W1
16 September – Saturday 8 November

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