Paul Amlehn And Robert Fripp: The Seven Words At The Chelsea Art Museum, New York


New Zealand artist Paul Amlehn has recently collaborated with English musician Robert Fripp on a sound art project entitled ‘The Seven Words’. Amlehn is one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary artists, whose work has been placed in the collections of MoMA and documenta archives, and exhibited throughout the world, including at the Venice Biennale. Robert Fripp is the founding member of the avant-rock ensemble King Crimson, and has played with artists such as David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, David Sylvian, and Brian Eno.

‘The Seven Words’ consists of three compositions of spoken word by Amlehn and soundscapes by Fripp:

1. Untitled / Queer Space Symmetrical
2. Kriya / At the End of Time
3. Ophiuchus Improvisation / Queer Reflection Harmonic Minor

Fripp’s soundscapes were improvised live and digitally recorded to hard drive, then edited and mixed at DGM Soundworld in England. They were then sent to the other side of the world to Amlehn who re-recorded the works to 2-inch analogue tape, adding accompanying vocals to the music. The aim of the process was to achieve a powerful synthesis of voice and soundscapes, one which functions on both
conscious and unconscious levels in the audient. The resulting compositions are evocative, moving, and disquieting, giving birth to the multiple worlds that are contained within the self.

‘The Seven Words’ installation work is being exhibited at ‘The Sonic Self’ exhibition at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York until 30 August.

‘The Seven Words’ will also be broadcast this summer on radio shows: Soundart Radio, 88.7 FM, Dartington College of the Arts, Devon, England; Difficult Listening, RTRFM 92.1, Perth, Australia; and
Binaural Beats, 89.7 FM WITR, Rochester, New York, America.

In addtion to this, Amlehn and Fripp have signed and donated a limited edition CD of their collaboration ‘The Seven Words’ to the Cork Street Charity Open Exhibition. The work is a one-off and will be for sale in
an online auction, with all the proceeds going to benefit the charity. The Cork Street Charity Open Art Exhibition is an open exhibition of contemporary fine art held annually to support a selected charity. The
chosen charity for 2008 is Children with Aids Charity. CWAC is a national UK charity with the aim of working towards a future without poverty or prejudice for children and the families of those infected
or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Sonic Self
Until 30 August
Chelsea Art Museum
New York

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