Saatchi Online Top Ten Chosen by Natasha Hoare – January 24 – January 31

Natasha Hoare, Business Development Manager at the Saatchi Gallery in London selects 10 artists registered on Saatchi Online.

Nicolás Uslé
Jennifer Rogers
Rachel de Joode
Andrew Chadwick
Virgilius Moldovan
Ali Richards
Brian Cheeswright
Sarah Nolan

About the author

Natasha Hoare
Natasha Hoare is the Business Development Manager at the Saatchi Gallery in London.


  1. cooper says:

    this is kinda cool – maybe. the “maybe” comes from: so what were these ten chosen FOR exactly, or on what basis, or what is the [possible] outcome of their selection (i.e. rewards, fame, fortune), or what criteria were used, and how does this selection relate to other, previous, selections. maybe just a note of explanation from Natasha uptop introing the picks? thx!

  2. Ve says:

    How is it that art critic Georgia Haagsma chose Sarah Duffy’s work “The Cats Mother” for week 10-16 Jan 2011 AND for week 24-31 Jan 2011 art critic Natasha Hoare chose the same work with same title but artist name is AleksandraWaliszewska?
    I assume there must be something wrong… Or not?

  3. mr foo says:

    Come on art! It’s 2011, big things are happening in the world!
    Art can be so much more than masturbating on rainbows while listening to house music. Real curators, critics, and artists; Please step it up.
    Mr foo

  4. Tassilyn says:

    Thanks for srihang. What a pleasure to read!


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