Saatchi Online Weekly Top 10 Chosen by Adrian Duran: Jan 31-Feb 6, 2011

Adrian Duran selects 10 artists registered on Saatchi Online.

Ahmet Steltman
Adi Weizmann
John Olsson
Brian Robson
Mette Juul
Ayune Shojima
Jana Bernartová
Alan Burles
Jim Doiron

About the author

Adrian R. Duran holds the position of Assistant Professor of Art History at the Memphis College of Art in Memphis, TN, USA. He received his BA from the University of Notre Dame, and his MA and PhD from the University of Delaware. His primary areas of research and publication are 19th and 20th Century Italian painting, He has also written for Art:21 and, and blogs at


  1. Ellen Kemad says:

    looked at this artist only because it was up in the top 10 list and I really like the work, Thanks for directing me to this artist, good chose.

  2. mira cedar says:

    liked your choice and the best is Ayune Shojima

  3. Mia de Fleur says:

    Excellent choice Adrian!!!!!!!


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