Saatchi Online Weekly Top 10 Chosen by Daria de Beauvais, November 1-7, 2010

November 1 To November 7, 2010

Daria de Beauvais, curator at the Palais de Tokyo,  selects 10 artists from Saatchi Online.

Oliver Beer
Jane Benson
Joanna Slusarczyk
Claire Metzger
Lauren Kirkman
Josephine Powers
David Rettker
Stephanie Bengry-Howell
Mark Harris
Heaven Baek

About the author

Daria de Beauvais
After several experiences in Italy (Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice Biennale) and in the USA (Museum of Modern Art, ICI), Daria de Beauvais now works as a curator at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris as well as an independent curator.


  1. KBM says:


    Looks amazing the selections but if can assist to add to my comment to you it looks to me all same and same as visual of a unit of a piece. Nothing still new or surprising…..Lets see if we can get something more with identity culture language and beleifs in one piece to identify something new and radical….Let me know if this help in future selections if I can assist you let me know as panel adviser. I beleive nevertheless that is always necessary on process of creation an object even an image will do work! Greet Charles!

    Ciao Daria

    NB: kbm does all these thing together aahahah just kidding on that is only me. He is in research now nothing special on a part personal collections findings…

  2. Ciro Bumi says:

    Always the same stuff.
    Contemporary art is dead. In the last 20 we have explored everything.
    Contemporary art is now becoming just interior or exterior decoration even when we take pig and, after having fed it with human flesh, we kill it and put the pieces on a nice canvas.

    What is the future of art ?

    Daria, you who make a living on this dead stuff, let us know…

    Ciro Bumi
    Founder of the Dead-Art-Movement

  3. Jane Benson, David Rettker are good.

    Oliver Beer, Lauren Kirkman are into lyno floors and carpets unglued…amazing. Fantasticagoric Dali Moustache trash !
    You saved yourself with David Rettket who has a good hand in painting. The rest c’est même pas la peine !

  4. I do find it interseting work, challenging issues in art again. I would like to see room for more traditional art as well.
    Not sure which has the longevity factor but well done

  5. victor popov says:

    Hi Daria,ich finde ser gute kollekzion,nicht neues aber gut.grüß victor

  6. Rebecca Wilson says:

    Before you write off Oliver Beer I urge you to watch this short film made about his work by Channel 4 in the UK.

    Then, if that whets your appetite, do watch his film ‘Resonance 2008 Rome’:

  7. Caio Fern says:

    You’ve made really good choices here.

    • Elton says:

      Hello, Robert:I read that you’d put works online for sale, so I hope you won’t mind give me some tips. When I tried to make my pantinigs available for sale, I was told to enter my government issued ID photo. My friend/ legal adviser was adamant that I should not do it. Am I being silly and to miss out a great opportunity to sell my work and prints here?Thank you!


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