Saatchi Online Weekly Top 10 Chosen By Rebecca Wilson: Sept 5th – 11th, 2011

Saatchi Gallery Associate Director selects 10 artists from Saatchi Online in the category of Drawing …

Ariel Zachor James Baldwin Zehra Khan Alan Fleming Giuditta R
Paul Clarke Milan Ivanic Linda Bond Philip Harris Dirk Dzimirsky

About the author

Rebecca Wilson
In May 2006, Rebecca Wilson brought her expertise from 14 years in book and art magazine publishing to the Saatchi Gallery, where she launched an online daily magazine for the gallery's expanding website. In 2007 she created New Sensations, a prize for art students which identifies and supports the most exciting emerging artists. The prize is run in the UK with Channel 4 and will be launch in North America in 2011. As well as working on Saatchi Online, she is Associate Director of the Saatchi Gallery in London. Prior to joining The Saatchi Gallery, Rebecca was editor of ArtReview, and before that deputy editor of Modern Painters.


  1. simona dancila says:

    i invite you to have a look to my artworks on saatchi

    thank you,

    simona dancila

    • You could have posted a link to your profile, people are less likely to search for a name than to simply click on a link.

      Your artwork is so beautifully complex and colorful that deserves a little bit better marketing. :)

  2. Greg Allum says:


    Good selection this week. Please consider my new series ‘A Serenade to The Ghost’ for a future selection, just been shortlisted for the NY Art Marathon and looking to exhibit soon :)



  3. Lemuel Bothma says:

    Well done Rebecca. Thanx for adding greatness to Saatchi.

  4. Yves HERNOT says:

    How long do we have to wait before you elect the next best 10 works for the week? Your last selection was done as far back as September.
    Yves Hernot

  5. Eric Frantz says:

    Excellent choices, some beautiful work, look forward to seeing more of your picks and thoughts,
    Eric Frantz
    Philadelphia, Pa

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  7. Rebecca,
    If you have a moment, please visit:
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on my work.
    Kind regards,

  8. v.adamou vanezi says:


  9. Very nice selections, my favorite is Ariel Zachor

  10. LoL sometime ago i tried to add this woman (Rebecca) as a friend, i thought she’s an artist.
    Fuck this shit man–she makes PICKS man! lololol

  11. ira says:

    oh.. no Mickey Mouse

  12. Good draughtsman by most of the artists shown. If you can not draw, you can not paint, period!

    Tony Scrivener

    • Good painting does not require much in the way of drawing, however, in order to be a great painter it is not only necessary to draw but also to draw like nobody’s business.

  13. Invitation to my website.Thank you suGleri

  14. Rebecca,

    You might do well to also visit At any rate your comments are welcome.



  15. Pigge Nordin says:

    HI Beautiful, I m looking for you where are you = Do You know anything about Blacklight painting. I’m a Swedish artist and I’m hopefully representing my country. Do you know anything about Sweden? We have moose, a lot of snow, tap water like spring water and clean air.


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