Saatchi Online Weekly Top Ten by Georgia Haagsma

Ten artists who create hybrid beings and admire the anthropomorphous.

Seungyea Park
Charles Gallagher
Nobuo Hase
Jeff Zhang
Arya Sukapura Putra
Steven Ballinger
Jason Scott Hoffman
Carmen Dardalla
Andrew Barton

About the author

Georgia Haagsma studied at the University of Amsterdam, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and moved to London to finish her BA in Cultural Studies at University College London, where she graduated with honours in Art, Science and Practice. She worked in the Press Department at the Saatchi Gallery from February to June 2009 and is now a Gallery Assistant at a contemporary art gallery in London as well as a freelance art critic.


  1. Hello Georgia

    I would like to thank you for chosing and including me in the top-ten list of these wonderful artists. Given that we are all from such different cultural backgrounds, I was struck by your perceptive comments on how we are nevertheless linked by our admiration of hybrid beings and the anthropomorphous. It would be wonderfull to gather all of us in a gallery exhibition!

    Your interest in my work is both flattering and encouraging.

    Thanks again and warm regards

    Carmen Dardalla

  2. razvan bortea says:

    Joyful mythology
    I love the fiery (or the icy) centaurs, they remind me of childhood. Their heroic choreography and their matter are pure music.
    Great choices, as always.

  3. Robert Masters says:

    Hi there, I love these works! I’m really interested in animal-human metamorphois. I just thought you might be interested in viewing an image i created based on this idea. It’s a digital photo-manipulation that combines elements of my own face and a snow leopard.

    Great collection,

  4. Hallo Georgia,

    Thanks for choosing me one of the top ten artist.
    it means a lot for me.
    i would like to have a comment, critic or feedback from you about the rest of my works at my website


  5. Georgia,

    I hope that you will also have a look at my work.


    Peter Colquhoun


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