The Saatchi Gallery’s Top 10 Chosen By Rebecca Wilson

Eastern Europe
Sebastijan Dracic Jelena Grujicic Katerina Bodrunova Andrew Polushkin Ioana Vraja
Sebastijan Dracic Jelena Grujicic Katerina Bodrunova  Andrew Polushkin Ioana Vraja
Felix Deac Tomas Urbelionis Sinkovics Ede Ilian Savkov Anatoly Knigin
Felix Deac Tomas Urbelionis Sinkovics EdE Ilian Savkov Anatoly Knigin

About the author

Rebecca Wilson
In May 2006, Rebecca Wilson brought her expertise from 14 years in book and art magazine publishing to the Saatchi Gallery, where she launched an online daily magazine for the gallery's expanding website. In 2007 she created New Sensations, a prize for art students which identifies and supports the most exciting emerging artists. The prize is run in the UK with Channel 4 and will be launch in North America in 2011. As well as working on Saatchi Online, she is Associate Director of the Saatchi Gallery in London. Prior to joining The Saatchi Gallery, Rebecca was editor of ArtReview, and before that deputy editor of Modern Painters.


  1. Thanks a lot Rebecca.
    Best regards.

  2. Jelena Grujicic says:

    Thank you so much!!!
    The most wonderfull suprise!!!
    :) Jelena

  3. WOW! Big surprise! Nobody told me..
    Thank you!

  4. Ilian Savkov says:

    I stumbled upon this big surprise while googling myself trying to find out if some of my art quests has worked… Many thanks, Rebecca!

  5. Ilian Savkov says:

    Just adding my Saatchi web,

  6. wonderful selection, bravo !

  7. Ian Wilgaus says:

    Great collection Rebecca…Would you mind having a look at mine?!

  8. I am basically a classical musician – I played the cello all my life and art was a parallel – suddenly the music stopped and I found I could paint digitally. Have a sister who makes metal engraving and have been working with digital painting for 25 years – practically when internet got started here in Brazil. I am writing to you because I would like to become a digital art curator. Digital because of the knowledge of apps. and the internet galleries and artists, so if you would be as kind as giving me the guide lines I thank you cordially !

  9. Welcome to Saatchi online, and thank you for the updates with your emails…

  10. thank you for the weekly emails…

  11. Great. Expressive in a special but interesting way. Like it.


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